AJK Election live updates: Unofficial Results Get Latest Updates

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LIVE UPDATES: UNOFFICIAL RESULTS START POURING IN AS VOTING ENDS IN AJK ELECTIONS. Polling time has ended for residents of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) looking to cast their vote to elect new members to the region’s Legislative Assembly. The gates of polling stations have closed to new voters, however those already queued inside will be allowed to cast their ballot.

AJK Election live updates

LA-1 Mirpur I unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI candidate Azhar Sadiq: 14233 votes

Runner up

PML-N candidate Chaudhry Masood Khalid: 7609 votes

LA-2 Mirpur unofficial results

PTI’s Zafar Anwar is in the lead with 136 votes. PPP’s Qasim Majeed is in second place with 87 votes.

LA-3 Mirpur III unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI candidate Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry: 18447 votes

Runner up

PML-N candidate Chaudhry Muhammad Saeed: 15300

LA-4 Mirpur IV unofficial results of all polling stations

Unofficial results, preliminary results show PTI’s Chaudhry Arshad Hussain emerged victorious with 22,752 votes.

PML-N’s Chaudhry Rukhsar Ahmed bagged 20,879 votes.

LA-09 Kotli II unofficial results

PPP’s Javed Iqbal is leading with 9098 votes. Muslim Conference candidate Sardar Naeem is behind with 4027 votes.

LA-10 Kotli III

PPP leading in this constituency with 3502 votes. PTI’s Malik Yousuf is in second place and has bagged 2569 votes so far.

LA-11 Kotli IV unofficial results

PTI’s candidate Chaudhry Muhammad Ikhlaq is leading the constituency with 12830 votes. PML-N’s Raja Naseer is in the second position with 11166 votes.

LA-14, Bagh-I unofficial results of all polling stations

The former prime minister and head of the Muslim Conference’s Sardar Ateeq Ahmed Khan emerged victorious with 29561 votes. The PML-N candidate remained second in the contest and bagged 13429 votes.

LA-17 Bagh unofficial results

PPP’s Mumtaz Rathore: 353 votes

PML-N’s Chaudhry Aziz: 305 votes

PTI’s Amir Nazeer: 91 votes

LA-18 Poonch I unofficial results

Unofficial results show PTI’s Abdul Qayoom Niazi in the lead with 10376 votes. PML-N’s Chaudhry Yasin Gulshan is behind with 6875 votes.

LA-21 Poonch unofficial results

An unofficial count of votes from LA-21 Poonch shows PPP in the lead and PTI in second place.

LA-15 Bagh II unofficial results

PTI’s Sardar Tanvir Ilyas is leading with 630 votes, whereas PPP’s Sardar Ziaul Haq is in second place with 328 votes.

LA-28 Muzaffarabad unofficial results

Unofficial results PTI candidate Chaudhry Shehzad is in the lead in this constituency with 226 votes while PML-N’s Murtaza Gillani is behind with 50 votes.

LA-35 Jammu II unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI candidate Maqbool Ahmed: 18883 votes

Runner up

PML-N candidate Chaudhry Ismail Gujjar: 16885 votes

LA-36 Jammu III unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI candidate Hamid Raza: 22096 votes

Runner up

PML-N candidate Muhammad Ishaq: 20467 votes

LA-38 Jammu V unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI candidate Muhammad Akbar Chaudhry: 1219 votes

Runner up

PML-N candidate Chaudhry Zeeshan: 7325 votes

LA-36 Jammu III unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI candidate Hamid Raza: 22096 votes

Runner up

PML-N candidate Muhammad Ishaq: 20467 votes

LA-40 Kashmir Valley-I unofficial results of all polling stations


PPP’s Amir Abdul Ghaffar: 2165 votes

Runner up

PTI’s Saleem Butt: 875 votes

LA-41 Kashmir Valley II unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI’s Ghulam Mohi Uddin Deewan: 2326 votes

Runner up

PML-N’s Muhammad Ikram Butt: 741 votes

LA-42 Kashmir Valley-III unofficial results of all polling stations


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate Asim Sharif: 1254 votes

Runner up

PML-N’s Shaukat Ali Shah: 1205 votes

LA-43 Kashmir Valley-IV unofficial results of all polling stations

PTI candidate Javed Butt defeated PML-N’s Naseema Khatoon and emerged victorious with 774 votes. Naseema Khatoon bagged 720 votes.

LA-44 Kashmir Valley-V unofficial results of all polling stations


PML-N’s Mohammad Raza Qadri: 2007 votes

Runner up

Muslim Conference’s Mehrun Nisa: 1163 votes

LA-45 Kashmir Valley VI unofficial results of all polling stations


PTI’s Abdul Majid Khan: 3138 votes

Runner up

Independent candidate Abdul Nasir: 2063 votes

A total of 32 political parties are contesting the AJK elections 2021 and hundreds of independent candidates are also vying in all the 45 electoral constituencies including 33 in AJK districts and 12 meant of Jammu and Kashmir refugees settled in various parts of Pakistan.

The remaining 8 seats are reserved out of which five are for women, and one each for overseas Kashmiris, technocrats and religious scholars.

Four soldiers deployed for AJK election duty martyred as vehicle crashes in ravine near Neelum Valley

Discharging their duties during the Azad Kashmir poll on Sunday, at least four Pakistan Army personnel have been martyred and three injured as their vehicle crashed into a ditch while making a sharp turn near Leswa, ARY News reported citing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

The civilian driver of the vehicle has also conceded severe wounds in the accident, as the bodies and wounded have been shifted to a nearby medical facility, ISPR said.

Bagh, AJK: Eight injured in a scuffle outside polling station 

Eight people were injured after a scuffle between two workers of political parties outside a polling station in Bagh.

The scuffle took place in a polling station set up for the constituency LA-15.

Here is the list of candidates contesting the polls:

LA-1 Mirpur-1: Tough contest is expected between PTI’s Azhar Sadiq, PML-N’s Chaudhry Masood Khalid and Muhammad Afsar Shahid of the PPP.

LA-2 Mirpur-2:  PTI’s Zafar Anwar, Muhammad Nazeer Inqalabi of the PML-N and  PPP’s Chaudary Qasim Majeed are contesting the seat.

LA-3 Mirpur: A neck and neck contest is expected between PTI’s Sultan Mehmood Chaudhary vs PML-N’s Chaudhary Muhammad Saeed. Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, who is leading the party in the region, is the strong candidate to head the next government.


LA-4 Mirpur-4: Ch. Arshad Hussain of the PTI, PML-N’s Ch. Rukhsar Ahmad and PPP’s Riyasat Tabasum are fighting for the LA-4 Mirpur seat.

LA-5 Bhimber-1: PTI has fielded Anwar Ul Haq Noor, PML-N has put its weight in Col (R) Waqar Ahmad Noor and PPP’s Chaudhry Pervez Ahsraf are fighting in the constituency.

LA-6 Bhimber-2: Ali Shah Soni Raja (PTI) Maqsood Ahmad Khan (PML-N) Choudhary Idress (PPP).

LA 7 Bhimber-3: A tough contest is expected between PTI’s Chaudhary Anwar ul Haq and PML-N’s Chaudhary Tariq Farooq. In 2016, Farooq defeated Haq with over 2,000 votes.

LA-8 Kotli-1: Zafar Iqbal Malik (PTI) Zulfiqar Ali (PML-N) Muhammad Aftab Anjum (PPP).

LA-9 Kotli-2: Asif Hanif (PTI) Munir Hussain Khan (PML-N) Javed Iqbl Badhanvi (PPP).

LA-10 Kotli-3: Malik Yousif (PTI) Zubair Iqbal Kiani (PML-N) Ch. Muhammad Yaseen (PPP).

LA-11 Kotli-4: Choudhary Muhammad Akhlaq (PTI) Raja Naseer Ahmad Khan (PML-N) Sardar Muhammad Bashir Pehalwan (PPP)

LA-12 Kotli-5: Shoukat Farid (PTI) Raja Muhammad Riasat Choudhary (PML-N) Muhammad Yasin (PPP).

LA-13 Kotli-6: Nisar Ansar Abdali (PTI) Raja Ayaza Ahmad Khan (PML-N) Muhammad Waleed Inqalabi (PPP).

LA 14 Bagh: Top contestants: Former prime minister and head of the Muslim Conference’s Sardar Ateeq Ahmed Khan, vs PTI’s Major Lateef Khaleeq.

LA 15 Bagh: Top candidates: PTI’s Tanveer Ilyas vs PML-N’s Mushtaq Minhas vs Muslim Conference’s Raja Yaseen.

LA-16 Bagh-3: Sardar Mir Akbar Khan (PTI) Ejaz Ahmed (PML-N) Sardar Qamar Zaman (PPP).

LA-17 Bagh-4: Aamir Nazeer (PTI) Choudhary Muhammad Aziz (PML-N) Faisal Mumtaz Rathor (PPP).

LA-18 Poonch & Sudhnuti-1: Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi (PTI) Ch. Muhammad Yasin Gulshan (PML-N) Sardar Amjad Yousuf Khan (PPP).

LA-19 Poonch & Sudhnuti-2: Sardar Arzish Sudhozai (PTI) Sardar Aamir Altaf Khan (PML-N) Sardar Saud bin Sadiq (PPP).

LA-20 Poonch & Sudhnuti-3: Khattab Azam Khan (PTI) Abdul Rasheed Khan (PML-N) Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob (PPP).

LA-21 Poonch & Sudhnuti-4: PTI has not fielded any candidate in this constituency, while PML-N has fielded Tahir Anwar Khan and PPP is backing Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob.

LA-22 Poonch & Sudhnuti-5: Sardar Muhammad Sagheer Chugtai (PTI) Sardar Abdul Khaliq Wasi (PML-N) Syed Dilawar Bukhari (PPP).

LA-23 Poonch & Sudhnuti-6: Sardar Muhammad Hussain Advocate (PTI) Dr. Najeeb Naqi Khan (PML-N) Sardar Muhammad Raees Khan (PPP).

LA-24 Poonch & Sudhnuti-7: Faheem Akhtar (PTI) Sardar Farooq Ahmad Tahir (PML-N) Sardar Inayat Ullah Arif (PPP).

LA-25 Neelum Valley-1: Sardar Gul e Khandan (PTI) Shah Ghulam Qadir (PML-N) Mian Abdul Waheed (PPP).

LA-26 Neelum Valley-2: Mian Shafiq (PTI) Shah Ghulam Qadir (PML-N) Mian Abdul Waheed (PPP).

LA-27 Muzaffarabad-1: Mir Attique (PTI) Noreen Arif (PML-N) Sardar Muhammad Javed Ayyub (PPP).

LA 28 Muzaffarabad: A tough contest is expected between PTI’s Chaudhary Shehzad Mehmood and PPP’s Syed Bazil Naqvi.

LA-29 Muzaffarabad-3: Khawja Farooq Ahmad (PTI) Syed Iftikhar Ali Gillani (PML-N) Sardar Mubarak Haider (PPP).

LA-30 Muzaffarabad-4: Muhammad Rashid (PTI) Doctor Mustafa Bashir Abbasi(PML-N) Mubashar Munir Awan (PPP).

LA31 Muzaffarabad-5: Top candidates: Raja Muhammad Abdul Qayyum (PML-N), Raja Muhammad Mansoor Khan (PTI) and Chaudhry Latif Akbar (PPP). Raja Muhammad Farroq Haider of PML-N had won the election in 2016 from this constituency.

LA 32 Muzaffarabad-6: Top contestants: PML-N’s Sardar Farooq Haider, PPP’s Shahibzada Muhammad Ashfaq Zafar. AJK’s Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider had won this constituency in 2011 and 2016.

LA-33 Muzaffarabad-7: Dewan Ali Khan Chughtai(PTI) Raja Muhammad Farooq Hyder Khan (PML-N) Shaukat Javid (PPP).

LA-34 Jammu-1: Riaz Ahmad (PTI) Nasir Hussain Dar (PML-N) Sardar Zahid Iqbal (PPP).

LA-35 Jammu-2: Maqbool Ahmad (PTI) Choudhary Muhammad Ismail Gujjar (PML-N) Muhammad Iqbal Mujadadi (PPP).

LA-36 Jammu-3: Hafiz Hamid Raza (PTI) Muhammad Ishaq (PML-N) Chaudhry Shaukat Wazir Ali (PPP).

LA-37 Jammu-4: Muhammad Akmal Sargala (PTI) Muhammad Siddique Chaudhry (PML-N) Mazhar Yousif Choudhary (PPP).

LA-38 Jammu-5: Muhammad Akbar Choudhry (PTI) Ch. Zeeshan Ali Muhammad (PML-N) Ashraf Chugtai (PPP).

LA-39 Jammu-6: Nazia Niaz (PTI) Raja Muhammad Siddique (PML-N) Chaudhry Fakhar uz Zaman Gul (PPP).

LA-40 Kashmir Valley-1: Muhammad Saleem Butt (PTI) Tahir Ali Wani (PML-N) Amir Abdul Ghaffar Lone (PPP).

LA-41 Kashmir Valley-2: Ghulam Mohi Uddin Deewan (PTI) Muhammad Ikram Butt (PML-N) Shabbir Abbas Mir (PPP).

LA-42 Kashmir Valley-3: Muhammad Asim Sharif (PTI) Syed Shaukat Ali Shah (PML-N) Hafeez Ahmed Butt (PPP).

LA-43 Kashmir Valley-4: Javed Butt (PTI) Naseema Khatoon Wani (PML-N) Azhar Hussain Gilani (PPP).

LA-44 Kashmir Valley-5: Bashir Ahmad Khan (PTI) Muhammad Ahmad Raza Qadri (PML-N) Muhammad Rashid Salam Butt (PPP).

LA-45 Kashmir Valley-6: PTI has fielded Abdul Majid Khan, while PML-N and the PPP have not placed any candidate, while Noor Ul Bari is the candidate of JI and Sumiya Sajid Raja is representing MC.

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