Ayesha Akram leaked Video | Bold scenes Tiktoker Girl | Lahore Minar e Pakistan Incident Video

Ayesha Akram TikToker  on Minar e Pakistan apparently getting groped and assaulted by a sizable 400 Peoples. Watch Ayesha Akram Leaked Video Bold and Hot Tiktok Videos with Rembo her Boyfriend.

Minar e Pakistan incident video is now viral on social media and main stream media. It is another shameful incident in Pakistan for what every Pakistanis is feeling ashamed. This sad incident happened with Ayesha Akram Tiktoker in Lahore when she went to greater Iqbal Park Lahore along with her four friends.

It was 14 August, the independence day of Pakistan  and people gathered at Minar e Pakistan & Greater Iqbal Park to celebrate the great day.

Minar e Pakistani incident full video has become viral on social media. The main stream media programs also throwing light on this incident. In the viral video of incident, it can bee seen very clearly that a big mob of men of all ages are attacking on a girl. Since this video went viral, everyone who watch this video is now sad, full of anger and feeling shame.

 Tiktoker Ayesha Akram Ke Sath Lahore Me Minar e Pakistan Pe Kia Hua?

After the video of the Lahore incident went viral, Yasir Shami of the Daily Pakistan and Iqrar-ul-Hassan interviewed the girl. She told in the interview that she went to Minar and Pakistan with her four friends to celebrate August 14 and make some videos for Tik Tok. The incident occurred at the end of the day around 6:30 p.m.

According to Ayesha Akram, at first people were trying to take a selfie with her and she had no problem with that. But due to the large crowd of people trying to push each other, which made her a target of the crowd’s attack and people started aggressively touching her.

She further said that a crowd of men were pulling her on her body parts and pushing her into the air. Her dress, which she was specially made and designed for Independence Day, that she was wearing at the time, was totally ripped apart by the mob. A lonely girl in a large mob, being tortured by the mob, this incident drives the entire nation into deep shame. Neither Pakistani law nor Islamic law can tolerate this crime.

While the incident in Minar and Pakistan was taking place, victim Ayesha Akram and hers four other friends of hers called the police emergency helpline 15 and requested help. Unfortunately, the police did not respond and no bodies came to rescue them.

According to the victim, she continued to be attacked and harassed by the crowd from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and the police never came to rescue them. Ayesha Akram told the media that she had never appeared nude or dressed nude in the videos of her and that she was wearing a proper dress at the time, so why did people make her the target of lust? her?

All concerned authorities have paid particular attention to the incident in Minar and Pakistan and have ordered the police to arrest the culprits. Lahore police searched FIRs against 400 people and claimed they can recognize them through CCTV camera footage. On the other hand, victim Ayesha Akram also said that she can recognize many of the attackers.

Although the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Chief Minister of Pakistan have ordered the Inspector General of the Punjab Police to act quickly, no arrests have yet been made. The police are trying to recognize the culprits from CCTV images and viral videos.

Political leaders, including former Minister Cheif Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto and many others, are showing great anger at this incident.

Pakistani celebrations are also posting sad and angry messages on Twitter and other social media platforms. Everyone’s appeal is justice for the victim and law enforcement to protect citizens from such incidents in the future, as we saw in the video of the Minar and Pakistan incident.

Ayesha Akram leaked Video | Bold scenes Tiktoker Girl | lahore Incident | Minar e Pakistan

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