‘Baked Alaska’ arrested in Capitol Hill riot: FBI

‘Baked Alaska’ arrested in Capitol Hill riot: FBI

The far-right media personality Tim Gionet, who handles the “Baked Alaska” handle, was arrested Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Houston, Texas, according to documents the agency posted online and charged with participating in the violent riot. over Capitol Hill on January 6th.

‘Baked Alaska’ arrested in Capitol Hill riot: FBI

According to an affidavit filed by an FBI agent, Gionet livestreamed a 27-minute video from the Capitol with a service called ‘DLive’.

According to the statement, Gionet did not do much to hide his identity, ” the phone turned to show his face and is clearly recognizable. ‘

The affidavit quotes other infamous remarks by Gionet about the video, including: “We are in the Capitol building. 1776 will begin again “and” America First is inevitable. ”

The case is not listed in the public database of the federal courts and no lawyer could be identified.

Gionet, 33, launched his career at BuzzFeed in 2015, but left soon after turning right.

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