Best Cricket Betting Sites in India and Pakistan Best Bookies Sites

T20 World is start now and many peoples who play fancy and bets on Live match. Here is best Cricket Betting sites in India and Pakistan. how to create account on Cricket betting site? How to bet on Cricket match? How to play cricket Bet online on site?

Best Cricket Betting Sites in India and Pakistan

Despite the low prevalence of a sport like cricket in the world, Indian cricket betting sites offer their customers cricket betting. They open up great opportunities to earn money in online gambling. Before placing bets on cricket, you would like to familiarize yourself with its fundamental varieties:

Who will win the raffle? The peculiarity of the rate is that it is not necessary to perform analytics, study forecasts. In the draw, everything depends on luck, so the bettor must try to guess which team will be the first to enter the field and hit the ball.
The winner. You choose one of the two teams, predicting their victory in the next meeting.
For the most effective association. You must choose one of the proposed groups of athletes, who will contribute the most points to your team.
For total. The bet is made on the total amount of points that the opponents will score. Some bookmakers also offer bets on individual totals. In this case, you have to predict the number of points for a certain team.
The best pitcher / hitter. Betting on the best bowler or batsman.
Accurate count. You need to predict the outcome of the meeting.

As you can see, there are many varieties of cricket bets. And of course it is important to choose a cricket betting site in India that offers the maximum betting opportunities.

Where to place cricket bets?

Despite the low popularity of this sport in most countries of the world, cricket competitions are held quite frequently. Some of the most prestigious tournaments are Ashes Cricket, Asian Cup, CB Series, Sharjah Cup, Sheffield Shield. The most important cricket tournament is the World Championship, which is held every 4 years.

To cover all these occasions (or the most important ones for you), you want to cleverly select the online cricket betting site in India. We prescribe using our list of the best cricket betting sites below. We conduct a detailed examination of the Indian cricket betting sites, verify the legitimacy and unshakable quality of the websites, and further try to select for you those that have the simplest interface.

Best Cricket Betting Sites for 2021

Best Indian betting sites for cricket

Here are the best cricket bookmakers.


Parimatch is a popular sportsbook that has been operating since 1994, which is already a credible factor. To make the maximum number of players satisfied, Parimatch practically does not limit the amount to make a deal. The initial bet can be $ 1 and the upper limit depends on the event, but as a general rule, this amount is more than $ 500. Without a doubt, it is one of the best cricket betting sites in India.

William Hill:

Willam Hill sportsbook is a world famous brand, whose services are used all over the world. The history of the cricket betting site dates back to 1934, which allows the company to occupy the first position in the ranking table of the best and oldest cricket betting sites. The William Hill bookmaker line is consistently among the top 5 bookmaker lines in the world. Even on the worst day, players can bet on one of 25-30 different sports, including cricket and horse racing.


Fun88 is an Asian casino and gambling company that has gained popularity outside the region. It is the most trusted and legal online cricket betting site in India. We realized early on that this cricket betting site has a good set of live betting. Standard encryption technology, easy payment methods, and high-quality customer service make online gambling at Fun88 fun and safe.


Where are the main options for cricket betting, live or before the competition?
The peculiarity of cricket is that most of the time the chances are final for a few days, so the line-up within the live line in this sport is richer than within the competition.

Should you look at the odds on cricket betting sites in India when betting on cricket?
This sport has a large audience, in India alone, more than a million fans. They move the line betting on any team. Therefore, quotes at bookmakers often do not reflect the essence of what is happening.

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