Bigg Boss 14 24th December 2020 Written Update: Rakhi scares inmates

Bigg Boss 14 24th December 2020 Full Episode 83

Today’s episode begins on the 82nd at 6:15 p.m. Aly and Rahul argue about homework strategy. There, Nikki says that Arshi turned around. Here, Rahul accuses Arshi of ruining the game. Arshi says that when in group do not take Nikki. Rahul says that he will decide. Arshi says as a group that they will decide.

Later, Bigg Boss sends Rubina on a balloon ride. He asks you to throw two sacks into the pool. Rubina says yes. Meanwhile, Rahul does a homework strategy with Sonali, Vikas, and Aly. Rahul tries to convince Sonali to let him go ahead in the game.

Sonali decides to make Rahul captain. Rubina throws the sacks of Rakhi and Sonali.

7:30 PM; Bigg Boss sends Arshi as the last contender to take a balloon ride. He asks Arshi to throw only one bag into the pool. Arshi asks Rahul and Vikas to convince her.

Abhi, Mahajan, Rubi tries to convince Arshi and asks him to do what he really wants. Abhi tells Arshi that he can make the game interesting in the end. Arshi says that he finds Vikas more capable than Rahul to run the house. Throw Rahul’s sack into the pool. Rahul says that Arshi’s act is fantastic.

Later, Sonali tells Arshi that he was wrong by changing his words. Bigg Boss announces that the captaincy task is over and Vikas Gupta is the new captain of the house.

7:45 PM; Vikas asks Arshi why he made him captain. Arshi says he went outside for her. And now she had a chance to show it to Nation to show that she’s a good human too. Rubi and Rakhi share a chat with Arshi.

There, Rahul tells Vikas that they saved words for each other and now she can trust him more. Congratulate Vikas.

The prisoners speak of the act of Arshi. Vikas goes to Arshi and asks him why he turned around and made him captain. Arshi says he did what was good for the house. There, Aly talks to Abhi, Eijaz, Rahul, and Mahajan.

Says Arshi stabbed them. Abhi says he did what he found correct. Aly says that Arshi did it according to his conviction. He says he won’t trust anyone in the house from now on. He shouts.

10 pm; Arshi tells Vikas that if she gets any immunity, she requests to save Aly or Rahul. Vikas says that Rahul is his friend, he will save him. Arshi asks Vikas to support Aly or Rahul. Vikas says that she will see when the time will come.

Later, Aly and Rahul decide to make an alliance for a time with the former inmates over the newcomers. Rahul agrees with Aly.

12 AM; Jasmin and Aly share a chat with each other. Jasmin says that they are happy as friends. Aly says yes.

Here, Eijaz talks to Arshi and says that now he will see what Vikas will do with him. He tells her that his ex was close to Vikas, so he doubted he would instigate her against him.

Day 83 at 8 am; The prisoners wake up to the rhythm of the song “Mitwa”.

9:45 AM; Jasmin talks to Niki and Abhi. She says Nikki came back in as a good girl. Nikki says Rahul misunderstood her.

10 AM; Vikas rearranges duty. He gives the lunch duty to Rubina and Abhi. She gives Rakhi a cleaning utensil. Rakhi refuses. Mahajan shares duty with Rakhi.

Later, Mahajan tries to talk to Rakhi. Rakhi refuses to answer Mahajan. She claims that when Vikas assigned him duty to her, she was grimacing. Rakhi says that with Nikki she was making him happy. Mahajan and Rakhi argue among themselves. Vikas asks Mahajan why he always does it. Rakhi cries. Mahajan says that she is a dong drama. He calls his fans cheap. Eijaz Rakhi console. Aly supports Mahajan.

11:15 AM; There, Rahul tells Mahajan that he was wrong by calling her cheap and also his supporters. Rakhi cries. Jasmin tells Rakhi that she is not begging in front of everyone. Vikas and Eijaz tell Jasmin that she is instigating Rakhi. Jasmin says that she is talking to Rakhi. Eijaz argues with Jasmin.

There, Arshi apologizes to Aly and Rahul. Aly and Rahul avoid Arshi.

12 pm; Vikas asks Mahajan to behave politely with Rakhi. Mahajan says that Rakhi is disrupting his private space. There, Niki asks Rakhi why she is after Mahajan when he does not consider her his friend. Rakhi says he never said. Vikas tries to reconcile between Mahajan and Rakhi. Mahajan and Rakhi try to clear up their misunderstanding. Rahul Vaidya makes the comment about them.

10PM; Rakhi looks in the mirror and sings a song. Jasmin comes over and asks Rakhi if he’s okay. Rakhi panic.

Rakhi stands at the bathroom door. Arshi tells Rakhi that he can’t scare her like this. Sonali comes and asks Rakhi what happened. Rakhi does not respond. Arshi and Sonali send Rakhi to the bathroom.

1:15 PM; Rakhi cries. Sonali asks Rakhi to put on makeup. Rakhi says that he is not crying. There, Abhi and Rubi argue about cooking dal.

2 pm; Aly tells Rakhi that she loves them and they love her too. Rakhi says it is stronger. Ejaz agrees. Rakhi says that she is not Rakhi but Julie. Eijaz, Aly and Jasmin laugh after Rakhi leaves.

2:30 PM; Vikas sleeps on Rakhi. Rahul asks Rakhi. Rakhi responds suspiciously. There, Arshi says that Rakhi is deliberately scaring everyone. Rakhi wishes to sleep with Eijaz.

3 pm; Nikki says she believes in ghosts. Jasmin says that rakhi is doing drama. Mahajan supports Jasmin. The episode ends with Julie exiting Rakhi’s body. Arshi, Abhinav and Jasmin laugh.

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