Bigg Boss 4 Tamil: Here’s What Contestants Get As Weekly Salary

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil is currently in its twelfth week of the season and the show has so far been the talk of the town. This season’s contestant has been very entertaining doing his best to win the match and take home the trophy.

Have you ever wondered what these contestants get paid to stay in the house with all living expenses covered and more benefits like audience exposure, etc.? The contestants in season 4 of Bigg Boss Tamil are paid a huge amount every week as their salary.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil contestants weekly salary 2020

Ramya Pandian:

Ramya Pandian is an Indian actress who became known for her work in the Tamil film industry. Her fan base and popularity are no joke and she definitely has a hand in TRP’s rankings for this season. Ramya Pandian is paid 2 lakh rupees per day.

Ramesh Choudary:

Ramesh is very popular within Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 and has a large fan base and is well liked by the contestants. Before entering Bigg Boss’s house, Ramesh was seen primarily as an actor in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. Ramesh also receives a payment of Rs 2 Lakh every day for the show.

Aajeedh Khalique:

Aajeedh is a singer who started his career at a very young age. His position in the house is currently in jeopardy and he can be evicted, but for each day inside Bigg Boss’s house, 4 Tamil Aajeedh received a salary of Rs 1 lakh per week.


Somshekar has also managed to gain a huge fan base and was a part of “Love Bed Gang” within the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil house. For the program, Som is paid around 1 Lakh per week.

Aranthangi Nisha:

Aranthangi Nisha is a comedian who works mainly in the Tamil industry. The tentative amount paid to Nisha is 2 Lakhs per day for Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

Gabriella Charlton:

Gabriella Charlton is also a very famous child artist who is seen in many Tamil movies. She is one of the strongest contestants within the BB 4 Tamil house. He is paid 1 lakh of rupees every week for the program.

Anitha Sampath:

Anitha Sampath is also a well known Indian actress, but she is also known for her work as a presenter. Anitha is also paid around Rs 1 Lakh per week for Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.

Vel Murugan:

Vel Murugan is a South Indian replay singer and during his time on the show, he was paid around 1.5 lakh rupees per week.

Balaji Murugadoss:

Balaji is still in the house of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4. Balaji is an Indian model, actor, and businessman. For the program, he is paid around Rs 1.5 lakh per week.

Shivani Narayanan:

Shivani is also currently inside Bigg Boss’s house and is one of the main contenders. She is an Indian actress and model and she is paid Rs 1.5 Lakh for Bigg Boss Tamil 4.



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