Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Season 4 Day 81 Spoiler: Golden ball task

The Bigg Boss show is very famous among fans. This show was released in Tamil and three seasons were successfully completed. Now, the season three kick started on October 4 with Kamal Hasan.

About this program 16 contestants were locked in the house for 106 days without contacting their family and friends. They must play with those housemates and win the title by tackling all situations within the house.

In the first promotion, Shivani reads a new part of the task of catching the ball. This time they want to catch the golden ball one by one. Those who catch the ball will have a special option.

Ramya caught it and took the option of reducing Rio’s point to zero. Bala takes the option to increase his point to 100. When Gabby catches him, he reduces the point of Bala to zero. Bala tells Gabby that in the next part his point will be zero.

In the second promotion, Anitha nominates Bala as the worst performer because she shows partiality towards Shivani. She mentioned that Gabby and Somu are sleeping but not Shivani.

He interrupts her and says that she mentioned it to Aari. Anitha responds that it is her nomination. Bala says so why should she lie?

In the third promo, Aari tells Rio that she mentioned that he is always fighting. She corrected Rio, it’s because of too much noise and discussion.

He replies that she mentioned it there, so she replied. In the rule book they clearly mentioned avoiding the group. Rio asks him what groupism is. He replies that we shouldn’t play in a group.

What is the new game and strategy that awaits us in the episode of Bigg Boss today?

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