Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 2nd Week Elimination: Chinna Ponnu or Abhinay to be eliminated this week due to fewer votes

It is noteworthy that of the 17 people at Bigg Boss’s house this week on the Bigg Boss show, 15 contestants are on the nomination list, in addition to Thamarai Selvi and Pavani Reddy.

According to current reports, three of the Bigg Boss contestants are in the danger zone, receiving the lowest votes. Abhishek, Chinna Ponnu and Abhinay have received the fewest votes, with one of them likely to be eliminated on Sunday this week.

Notably, there are already negative reviews for Abhishek on social media. We also see that each season an older contestant is eliminated first. Is Abhishek leaving this week due to negative comments on social media, or is it Chinna Ponnu due to her being the oldest contestant?

Who do you think she will be eliminated this week from Bigg Boss 5 Tamil? Comment below.

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