Bigg Boss 5 Telugu voting results on September 16 show Uma Devi in ​​danger of elimination this week

Bigg Boss season 5 continues to be a success. The elimination process has already taken place in the first week. The first elimination came as a surprise to many, as the Bigg Boss organizers took a turn. They eliminated a strong contestant as she got fewer votes even though she was a strong contestant. There are already many doubts about the removal of Sarayu. Sarayu left the house according to the vote? Or if there is a different cause. Nominations took place in the second week.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu voting

But no one understands Bigg Boss’s strategy, as a strong competitor was suddenly dispatched. The same week, the organizers created a positive atmosphere by increasing the screen space for some contestants. Sarayu’s fans allege that she was shown a completely negative side that resulted in her elimination.

Smoking cigarettes, fighting with RJ Kajal slanders, causing a completely negative vibe on her. Not even a single episode was shown positively to Sarayu. Bigg Boss eliminated Sarayu as expected. Another contestant will be eliminated in this second week. She is Karthika Deepam Fame Uma Devi.

As part of the nominations for the second week, Umadevi created a lot of buzz within the BB house. And even after that, revealing every word she said and giving space on the screen. With this, she seems certain that the audience will have a negative vibe on Uma Devi.

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Umadevi continues the cycle as she continues to provoke other contestants, showing her negative side. With this, she looks like she this time she will be away from home. At first, she looked good to everyone, Umadevi; then the game completely changed the second day after the nominations. Speaking at will to all who spoke to him. Uma bores the public. In addition, Bigg Boss also gives you more screen space. With this, it seems that Umadevi will leave home this time.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results September 16, 2021

Furthermore, the voting results show that Uma Devi is the contestant with the fewest votes. Also, she literally has no online presence and therefore fans of hers cannot trust her to vote. This is also one reason why Uma Devi is expected to be eliminated on Sunday, September 19, 2021.

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