Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results September 24 Shocked by Captaincy, First Tasks of Love? Elimination?

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is about to complete its third week amid the fun, mayhem, competition, and drama. The captaincy task was a close battle in which Jessie emerged as the winner. However, the spotlight shifts to Bigg Boss 5 Telugu’s third week eviction, which will be announced on Sunday’s episode.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results September 24

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu witnessed the eviction of Uma Devi last weekend. Also, Sarayu left Bigg Boss’s house, which reduces the female competition to some extent. However, the five nominations for this week tried to enter the captaincy race to ensure safety. In the midst of some great drama in the house, Bigg Boss 5 Telugu continues to grab the audience considerably.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominations List Week 3

  • Priyanka Singh
  • Priya
  • Maanas
  • Lahari
  • Sriram

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results Day 5

  • Priyanka – 22% vote share
  • Priya – 24% vote share
  • Maanas – 25% vote share
  • Lahari – 14% vote share
  • Sriram – 15% vote share

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Week 3 Elimination and Voting Analysis – Sep 24, 2021

  • The “Hyderabad ammayi – America abbayi” assignment concludes on a great note with some impressive performances. As a result of the successful performance of tasks, Ravi had the opportunity to perform the captaincy task. However, four other contenders included Jessie, Shwetha, Sreerama Chandra.
  • Jessie becomes captain this week. However, Sreerama Chandra is still safe considering the elimination nomination vote quota from her.
  • Priya lurks in danger before a suspense-filled showdown leading up to the third elimination battle.
  • Siri and Shanmukh’s fragile relationship is another hot topic of discussion besides the elimination for the fourth week.
  • On the last day of voting, Maanas and Priyanka are safe from elimination this week.
  • The real battle for elimination comes down to Priya, Lahari, and Sreerama Chandra.
  • The fight for the captaincy takes serious note in week 3. Sreeram Chandra gets a suitable role in a critical period for him. However, he manages to get enough screen coverage.
  • The results of the vote for Bigg Boss 5 Telugu are a tough fight for the eviction of the third week.
  • An epic twist takes place in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 voting results this week. Sreeram, Priya and Lahari are side by side in the battle for elimination. Yet Lahari remains by a tiny margin.
  • Tomorrow solidifies her leadership at the top by emerging as this week’s most popular contestant.

Voting on the missed call numbers of nominated contestants in the third week of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu:

  • Priyanka Singh: 8886658209
  • Tomorrow: 8886658204
  • Priya: 8886658207
  • Sreeram: 8886658204
  • Lahari: 8886658203

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Viewers should search for the Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 episode of a particular day and click on the voting option that can be viewed below the video of the episode.

Among the nine contestants nominated to be eliminated this week, you can vote for your favorite contestants and cast your vote.
Each user will receive 10 votes per day, either cast for one contestant or divided among multiple contestants.

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