Bigg Boss Season 4 Tamil 24 December 2020 Written update: Gabby and Aajeedh have the worst performance of the week.

Bigg Boss Season 4 Tamil 24 December 2020 Written update:

On the 81st at 8 in the morning. The wake-up song plays in the house. The housemates start dancing to the song and greet each other.

At 11:40 a.m. Bala, Aajeedh and Rio are talking about homework. Between Bala she taunts Aajeedh and Rio.
At 1.40, Shivani reads the ball catch rules for the fourth round. This time they will get a golden ball. It is not an ordinary task. They can choose their option to change other points. Rio is in 1st rank so you will get 3 balls. Ramya gets 2 and Somu one

At 1.55 comes the name of Rio. She lost her ball. They say she’s screaming her name, but she’s lost. Then comes the name Ramya. She catches it. She leaves to take the special power. She chose Rio to reduce all of her points to zero. She replies that she has two other options, that’s why.

At 2.15 the names of Somu come and catch the ball. She chose the option of freezing Ramya. You cannot increase or decrease your point. Somu tells Gabby.

At 2.45, Bala’s names come to catch the ball. She chooses the option to increase her point to 100. Aajeedh arrives and loses it. Anitha’s name comes up and she misses it. Gabby catches him and chooses the option to reduce the bullet point to zero.

At 3.20 the name of Rio comes, he catches it. He chose an option to duplicate Gabby’s point. Rio’s name comes up again, it catches him. You get points from Gabby and Somu. Rio tells Gabby that he will give her a point and takes it at last.

Ramya’s name comes, he misses it. Aari’s name comes, catches it, chooses an option to change her point to Anitha. Ramya telling her that she is the richest now.

At 3:40, Ramya’s name reappears, but she lost it. The name that catches her arrives. She chose an option to take half of Anitha’s points. Rio’s name comes, catches it. She chose an option to take Anitha’s points. Shivani’s name arrives and misses her. All comforting her to relax. Rio reasoned that it is a time of great pressure.

Bigg Boss Announces Deluxe Budget Task Ball’s Task Points are out. It will be shown on plasma television.
Rio point 134, Ramya 83, Somu 97, Bala 0, Aari 52, Anitha 97, Aajeedh 42, Shivani 32 and Gabby point is 0

Bigg Boss announces to Rio that he got the big points, so he was selected for the captaincy task directly. Everyone applauds him. Bigg Boss asks you to nominate two people who did not play well or were not boring in the game.

Ramya nominated Gabby for not answering a question. AND

Anitha nominated Shivani and Bala arguing that she is showing bias. She added that he treated everyone like children and she felt very strict here.

Bala nominated Gabby with less effort and Anitha with an unnecessary fight. she wasted dhaal. Shivani nominated Gabby and Anitha. Rio nominated Aajeedh and Anitha. Aari chooses Bala and Gabby. They choose Aajeedh and Gabby as the boring performance of the week by majority vote.

Ramya chooses Som and Aari. Anitha chooses to get the best performance. Rio chose Somu and Bala with the reasoning that she used many strategies for her team. Somu chose Ramya and Bala for playing well.

Gabby chooses Somu and Aari. Bala nominated Somu and Ramya claiming that she takes care of the kitchen. Aajeedh chooses Somu and Aari. Aari chooses Somu and Ramya. Anitha chooses Somu and Ramya.

He tells Rio that he pointed out that he mentioned that the strategy hurt him. She clarifies with him that she discovered that Anitha and Aari took time to discuss that she interrupted the task.

Too many questions and too many arguments. He mentioned groupism. Rio asked him why he mentioned groupism. He explains that it is in the rule book.

At 7.35, Bala counting Somu’s votes obtained the majority of votes. Ramya got 4 votes. Aari got 4 votes. He asked them to vote again … Aari gets majority votes. Bala announces Bigg Boss Aari Somu Rio selected as the best performance.

Bigg Boss wished them and asked them to participate in the captaincy task. Ask Gabby and Aajeedh to go to the bathroom.

At 9.15am, Aari welcomed her to open the treasure of her new movie. Bhagavan’s treasurer. Everyone appreciates him for his looks. Rio applauds him. Plasma television plays the role of treasurer. They appreciate and applaud him for him.

Aari is talking about his new filim. He explained to everyone that he did his best to present everyone well. Ask everyone to support it and thank Bigg Boss for passing it on.

At 12.20 Rio reading new homework. Try pannuga kandippa as the task name pannuveenga. You are reading the characteristics of it. The Levista instant coffee tables are arranged in the garden area.

The housemates want to separate into two, two teams. They want to make instant coffee. Santa will be there and the helpers are there. They won’t get the necessary items. If they need something, they want to do the fun task the helpers give them.

Santa is Somu. Gabby and Anitha are one team and Ramya and Aari are another team and the rest are all helpers. Gabby and Anitha ask Knife. The helpers ask them to ask this out loud. They are screaming loud.

They ask Aari and Ramya to scream like puppies. They did too. They are preparing the articles. Santa is going to taste the dishes. Choco vennilla cake. Bournvita Cream and Coffee. Santa tries it and responds that it tastes good.

Then he tried Gabby and Anitha’s plate. Praise their work. Its taste is so good.

Gabby’s team won the test. Alaram calls the warehouse. They pick up the Christmas present from the warehouse. They all wished a Merry Christmas and a New Year. They cut the cake and feed themselves.

End of episode.

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