Bigg Boss Tamil 5 voting results 5th Week: Suruthi and Abhinay in the last two!

Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is in week five. So far, the contestants, including Nadia Chang, Abhishek Raaja, and Chinna Ponnu, have been evicted from the house. In particular, Namitha had left the show in the first week due to unknown reasons. Currently, the house is left with 14 contestants and Varun is the current captain of the house.

Well, after the Diwali celebration, the house will now go through a captaincy task: ‘Shenbagame Shenbagame‘. For the task, the contestants will be divided into two groups and must collect milk from the dummy cow placed in the garden area. According to the latest promo, the task will be intense as contestants will be seen disagreeing and arguing in the upcoming episodes.

Speaking of the nomination, 9 contestants, including Abhinay, Akshara Reddy, Ciby Bhuvana Chandran, Isai Vani, Iykki Berry, Mathumitha, Niroop, Pavani Reddy, and Suruthi, have been nominated in the fifth week. According to the latest reports and speculation on social media, Suruthi or Abhinay will be evicted this week. The duo have reportedly received the fewest votes.

On the Bigg boss tamil 5 last episode of the weekend, host Kamal Haasan had questioned Suruthi and Pavani for stealing Thamarai’s coin and even asked them to do their chores with some ethics. She was also criticized by netizens for her strategies. On the other hand, Kamal in one of the weekend episodes had asked Abhinay to come out of her cocoon and play the game, yet he was still keeping a low profile the week before.

On a related note, Akshara Reddy is dominating the voter list as of now. Pavni, Ciby and Niroop are in second, third and fourth places respectively.

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