Black Lightning Season 4 Episode 13 Preview and Live Stream Watch the Ending Online

The CW’s Black Lightning Season 4 is back with its final episode. Here’s how to watch “The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closing” live and online.

The latest episode of Black lightning arrives on May 24. Four seasons of content have led us to this. At the beginning of the series, we saw Tobias Whale kill Jefferson Pierce’s father while the future hero hid under the bed and watched.

The penultimate episode of season 4 showed another fight; this one between Tobias and Jefferson. What made this one different from the others was the fact that it happened exactly where Jefferson’s father was killed. And in a tragic moment, Tobias beat Jefferson to death. To put salt on the wound, he sent Jennifer a photo of his father dead and on the ground.

Black Lightning is not dead

Let’s face it, Jefferson is not dead by any means. If this series didn’t end with Black Lighting beating Tobias, the entire series would have been a shame. It must end with Jefferson getting acquitted for watching Tobias kill his father and tormenting the Pierce family.

There are two probable scenarios that will explain his resurrection. First, Jefferson was not really dead. Villains like not to make sure his opponent is dead; his arrogance usually always gets in her way. Or, if Jefferson was really dead, his powers might attack, shock his heart, and bring him back to life. Whatever the reason, we’ll see Jefferson again in his costume to save the day. He must be the one to put an end to Tobias’s plans.

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