By-Elections PP-140 Sheikhupura Poll Updates and Final Results by ECP

check by-elections 2022 Results and updates PP-140 Sheikhupura Polling updates. final results by ECP PTI VS PMLN Candidate all Polling station results with form 45.

By-Elections PP-140 Sheikhupura Poll Updates

In Pakistan’s most politically important province, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is hoping to maintain its narrow control. While the PTI movement aims to extract the conservatism from the ruling party.

Overview of the constituency

Total voters 241,598
Voters: 130,315 voters
Female voters: 111,283

Who can tip the scales in their favour?

The PP-7 falls under the NA-121 constituency, with Javed Latif from PML-N being the MNA.

2018 Winner: In 2018, Mian Khaled Mahmoud won the regional constituency, winning as a candidate from the PTI party.

PP-140 Final Results 2018:

PP 140 Sheikhupura 6

Candidates Votes Party
Mian Khalid Mehmood(Winner)
32862 PTI
Yasir Iqbal
26029 PML-N
Qaisar Zahoor Gondal
11265 TLP
Syed Nadeem Abbas
4444 PPPP
Shehzad Asghar Basra
1641 AAT
Javed Iqbal
1289 IND

This year, Mahmood was disqualified by the Election Commission of Pakistan for a vote against his party in the Punjab premiership election.

Competing Candidates

The Pakistan Muslim League – Noon allocated the ticket to Mian Khalid Mahmood.

While PTI sent lawyer Khurram Shehzad Virk.

TLP candidate is Chaudhry Javed Iqbal.

Who can win?

Right now, PTI’s Khurram Virk has had a tough fight. Since this is an urban constituency, voters are likely to cast their votes based on political parties. Voters are upset about inflation and that’s why they can vote against PML-N and PTI.

Apart from this, Virk has both PTI leadership and ex-PML-Q MNA Khurram Munwar Mang campaigning for him.

Another factor that could greatly benefit Virk is that since 2018, 41,000 new voters have been added to this constituency. These young voters, who have recently turned 18, can vote for the PTI party.

Virc is competing for the first time. He is the president of the District Bar Association.

PML-N’s Mahmoud was at PML-Q in 2002, who on his podium won the MPA seat for the first time. In 2018, he competed for the PTI ticket and won over 32,000 votes. During the PTI government, he was a provincial minister.

If the PML-N voting bank, a large number in this constituency, also goes to him, he may be the victor.

This is one constituency where a TLP candidate cannot be disqualified. In 2018, TLP ranked third in this department. In this election, her candidate is running a vigorous door-to-door campaign based on religion.

electoral activity

Imran Khan of the PTI and Maryam Nawaz Sharif of the Pakistan Muslim League both held rallies here.

Circuit problems:

One of the main problems is the lack of proper electrical connections.

PP 140 Sheikhupura 6 Poll Updates & Final results:

Candidates Votes Party
Ali Afzal Sahi
2198 PTI
Yasir Iqbal
Qaisar Zahoor Gondal
Ajmal Cheema
816 PMLN
Shehzad Asghar Basra
Javed Iqbal

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