Calum von Moger Net Worth, Childhood, Bodybuilding Career, Diet, Workouts, Measurements, YouTube, Instagram, and More Details

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Calum Von Moger is an award-winning bodybuilder, a social media star, model and an actor; he is Australian. He rose to fame at 23 years after featuring in a YouTube video. Calum played the role of a young Arnold in the 2018 movie Bigger. In 2019, he landed a modeling campaign role with Gucci, becoming the first bodybuilder to do so.

Calum Von Moger Bodybuilding Career

Calum Von Moger is considered as the second Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has been dubbed “Arnold 2.0.” because of his amazing genetics and growth capabilities that make him rank among the greatest bodybuilders. He is a three-time Mr. Universe winner.

He has quickly risen to become an aesthetic and classic bodybuilder.

Calum Von Moger Childhood

Von Moger describes his childhood in Central Victoria, Australia, as a “rascally” childhood. He says that helped shape his discipline mindset and made him place a high value on nutrition.

He began weight training with his brother at 14 years. They used to train at an old warehouse with rusty dumbbells and barbells.

Early life

Calum Jose Von Moger was born in Victoria on 9 June 1990.

Personal life

In October 2014, he moved to Los Angeles.

How Did Calum Von Moger Become Famous?

When he was 23, Calum was working at a GNC workout supplement store. A friend approached him about creating a motivational workout video. From there, Calum says, “It kind of blew up.” Like they say, “the rest was history.”

  • The clip that he made catapulted him into fame. He became a fitness influencer overnight. His other career highlights include being a model for Gucci and acting as Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Bigger.

Calum Von Moger YouTube & Instagram

With over 936,000 YouTube subscribers and 3.2 million followers on Instagram, Von Moger is an Australian social media star. He regularly posts on these platforms.

  • His Instagram and YouTube videos are known for playful and childlike stunts including playing pranks with friends and jumping from high places into the water.

What Are Calum’s Workout Principles? – What does he believe in?

Calum strives to lift as much weight as possible. He has a 4-day split and performs the strictest forms of training while focusing on every muscle fiber.

Discipline and consistency are the guiding principles for Von Moger. He never skips a workout session and he believes in going over and above what has been recommended. He is always pushing the limits and that is what has made him a successful bodybuilder.

Calum believes that Rome was not built in a day and he always emphasizes that overnight success isn’t possible. His workout philosophy is that it takes patience, time, and consistency to achieve bodybuilding success.

Calum Von Moger’s Workout Routine – What Does he train each day?

During each day of the week, (on the days that he is not doing his total body workout training days), Von Moger trains a particular part of his body.

His full chest routine involves six different exercises and he does an average of four sets and 12 reps.

His total back routine has six exercises including machine row, rack pulls and seated cable row.

He has four different leg exercises which are leg extension, leg press, front squat machine, and hack squats.

For the shoulders, he does 5 different exercises including standing dumbbell press and standing barbell press.

His arm workout includes straight bar biceps curl, triceps cable pushdown, and alternating dumbbell curls among other exercises.

How Often and Long Does Calum Von Moger Workout?

Von Moger trains for up to three hours each day. Some of his workout days are full body workouts where he will train every muscle in his body.

He also will go through varied training where he will do a week straight, of daily full body workout routines. He will do this everyday for a week.

He will then do a full body workout every other day starting the following week. Giving his body one day of rest in between his total body workouts. Whether you should or shouldn’t do this is up to you but one thing is for sure, Calum is a beast bodybuilder.

Calum von Moger Net Worth, Childhood, Bodybuilding Career, Diet, Workouts, Measurements, YouTube, Instagram, and Arnold Schwarzenegger Portrayal

He does 1 hour of cardio followed by 2 hours of lifting weights. Calum works out six days a week and rests on Sunday.

He believes that it is important to have a day or two for resting. That is because muscles can only be created when one is resting. Therefore, apart from the day off, he also takes time to have a good night’s sleep which helps the muscle to recover and grow.

What Does Calum Von Moger Eat?

Because of his fast metabolism, Calum Von Moger can eat a lot of food without gaining fat. He starts off his day with a breakfast made of milk, bananas, and eggs. Breakfast is an important part of his diet because it energizes him for the day.

  • He snacks several times a day with protein shakes, toast, and Nutella. For lunch, he mostly does chicken and rice while his favorites for dinner are beef and rice.

Calum Von Moger Favorite Food

His favorite food is cottage cheese with watermelon. Von Moger is a huge fan of home cooking. While at home, he enjoys meat, potatoes, and vegetables.

Calum Von Moger Supplements

To supercharge his gains, Calum uses several supplements including creatine, whey protein, and BCAA. He believes that supplementation is important for a bodybuilder because food cannot offer all the nutrients required for bulking up.

Calum Von Moger Network

He is worth around $2 million. His wealth comes from endorsement deals, prize monies, and money generated from his supplements and clothing line.

Calum Von Moger Measurements

Von Moger’s height is 6’2″. Throughout his career, his weight has fluctuated greatly and has been listed as high as 117 kg to as low as 106 kg.

Has Calum Von Moger Ever Used Steroids?

In October 2019, he posted a video on his YouTube channel where he admitted to using steroids at various points in his bodybuilding career. The video has over 1.6 million views.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Portrayal

His resemblance to Arnold landed him a role in the movie Bigger, which documents the early bodybuilding career of Schwarzenegger. Despite the movie being a box office flop, Von Moger got positive reviews for his amazing portrayal of Arnold.

He was praised for his accurate approximation of Arnold’s accent and also the “comic grade notes” that he delivered during the movie.

Calum in a summary

Calum Von Moger had a harsh childhood which ingrained in him the spirit of discipline at a very early stage in life. He credits discipline, patience, and consistency for his bodybuilding success.

Today, Von Moger has one of the most amazing strength training physiques in the bodybuilding industry. His diet and workout routine has influenced many people from all over the world. He is considered a role model for many youths who are getting started with competitive weight lifting or bodybuilding.

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