COVID 19 Peak in India Records Largest Single-Day Increase of 3,46,786 Cases

COVID 19 Peak in India now. The corona virus is spreading very fast in India. It has become impossible to control this wave of corona in India. You can estimate the severity of Corona virus in India from this. That patients are lying on the streets with oxygen. The number of cases of corona is increasing every day in India. Which is dangerous. Oxygen gas is in short supply in India. The Indian people are now suffering the same fate as the Indian Army did in Kashmir.
People should use masks so that they do not have to wear oxygen masks. Many countries have canceled their flights for Indians for a few days.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his recent speech to the nation, confessed that India is going through an oxygen and vaccine crisis. Many states have reported that they have fallen short of the supply of vaccines and oxygen to treat the growing number of patients. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has seen a rapid increase in the country in recent weeks. The highest increase in a single day has passed the mark of 3.46,786 cases as of Saturday, that is, April 24.

COVID 19 Peak in India Records Largest Single-Day Increase of 3,46,786 Cases

Currently, India ranks second in the world after the United States which has been the hardest hit by the pandemic. Making it the highest peak since the pandemic hit the country, the Health Ministry reported registering around 3,46,786 new COVID-9 cases, 2,624 deaths and 2,19,838 downloads in the last 24 hours.

To curb the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with 10 top state ministers on Saturday. Ministers have reportedly discussed plans to control the spread of the virus and on providing aid to critical areas.

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