Covid attack: London buses turned into ambulances

Covid attack: London buses turned into ambulances

LONDON: Some of London’s buses have been converted into temporary ambulances as the city struggles with a devastating new kind of Covid pandemic.

Covid attack: London buses turned into ambulances

According to reports, seats were removed from at least two single-decker buses to make room for four patients at a time.

The bus company Go-Ahead has lent the vehicles to the National Health Service (NHS) and will provide four drivers who have been vaccinated against the virus, foreign media reported.

It is reportedly an attempt to alleviate the intense pressure on hospitals and the London ambulance service amid the COVID-19 outbreak that National Health Service staff have planned to transport patients by bus, which is in a stop gap arrangement has changed as the infectivity of new government tensions grows beyond limits.

They will be staffed by doctors and nurses working in the NHS, especially those working in the intensive care unit, while volunteers from a charity relief community will also take part.

These temporary ambulances will be properly equipped with oxygen and infusion pumps to maintain the stability of the vital patients until they can be admitted to one of the hospitals in the capital.

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