Crash Landing on You: Decoding Iconic Style Moments Of Yoon Se Ri AKA Son Ye Jin From The Show

We’re looking back at Crash Landing’s most iconic style moments in You Yoon Se Ri, aka Son Ye Jin, and what they meant.
The blockbuster Korean drama Crash Landing on You may be over, but what it leaves behind are big fashion moments, with even more memorable messages. While fashion moments are very attractive to the eyes, they do more than just impress with your appearance. Each of Yoon Se Ri’s style moments, also known as Son Ye Jin, told a deeper story about who she is, her personality, and much more than meets the eye. Today, we go over some of the character’s most iconic looks and what they mean.

Bold and Fierce: Running a business empire is not easy and despite coming from influential money, Yoon Se Ri started her own business and ran it like a total boss. Keeping up with his work ethic and strong sense of identity, her style of his at work did exactly that! Whether it was perfectly tailored suits, blazers or his drab color palette, he always mastered the power of his through his wardrobe.

Warmup: After spending time in North Korea, Se Ri opened up and dropped the walls of her, this was also evident in her wardrobe choices. The furthest thing from her power suits and corporate appearance, the character was seen wearing fuzzy sweaters, traditional Korean cover-ups, and comfortable clothing, which also suggested that she was letting her guard down.

Blooming: When she started falling in love, just like her mind, her clothes were also changing drastically from usual. Feminine colors and floral patterns found her home in Se Ri’s wardrobe during this time as a symbol of her love flourishing like nature.

Polished: While she was a self-made woman, Se Ri came from a rich background and had many advantages in her life because of that. Her polished upbringing and elegance shone through in each character’s outfit. Whether it was the flashy bows, the elegant trenchcoats and coats or even the perfectly groomed hair, Yoon Se Ri was stylishly styled.

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