Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is an incredibly famous recipe from India. It is a rich and creamy lentil dish that has been enjoyed for generations! This popular dish is made with whole black lentils, butter, and cream – all of which combine to create an incredibly flavorful meal.

The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t require any special ingredients or techniques to make. All you need are some basic pantry staples and a few simple steps to make one of the most delicious dishes in Indian cuisine! With its bold flavors, creamy texture, and perfect balance of spices, Dal Makhani will quickly become your favorite go-to meal when you’re looking for something special.

Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi

If you want to try this famous recipe yourself, then our easy step-by-step guide on how to make Dal Makhani in Hindi can help get you started!


Ingredients: List of Necessary Items

When it comes to making a delicious and creamy treat, nothing stands out more than dal makhani. This classic dish is a favorite of Indian cuisine lovers all over the world. If you are looking for an authentic recipe in Hindi that is sure to please your taste buds, then look no further than this list of necessary items when making dal makhani.

This best-selling recipe includes ingredients such as black lentils, kidney beans, garlic paste, ginger paste, tomato puree, garam masala powder, butter or ghee and some freshly chopped coriander leaves for garnish. To make sure that you get the perfect texture and flavor combination with every serving of this mouthwatering dish, it’s important to use all these essential ingredients.


Preparation Steps: Step by Step Instructions

When it comes to favorite foods, Dal Makhani is a top choice for many people. This creamy dish has a rich flavor and can be enjoyed as an appetizer, side dish, or main course. But what makes this recipe so special? The perfect combination of ingredients gives it its unique taste and texture. For those looking to make their own version at home, here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you get the best results every time.

To begin with, you’ll need to gather all of your ingredients: boiled whole lentils (urad dal), tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, garam masala powder, red chili powder and cumin seeds. If possible use fresh ingredients for optimal flavor. Once you have the necessary components in place then move on to the next step – preparation!

Tips & Tricks: Different Variations

If you’re looking for the best Dal Makhani recipe in Hindi, you’ve come to the right place. This popular dish is a favourite among Indian households, and with a few simple tips and tricks, you can create your own delicious variation. Whether you’re new to cooking or an experienced chef, our guide will show you how to make your own unique version of this classic dish.

To get started on your dal makhani recipe in Hindi, begin by assembling all the necessary ingredients – red kidney beans (rajma), butter (makhan), tomatoes (tamatar), garlic (lahsun) and ginger (adrak). You may also want to add cream or yogurt for extra flavour and texture.

Flavorful Garnishings: Enhance the Taste

When it comes to preparing a delicious and savory dish, nothing compares to a bowl of Dal Makhani. This Indian classic is made with lentils, cream, and spices that provide a flavor-packed punch. To make this traditional dish even more flavorful, garnishings can be added to enhance the taste.



Adding the right garnishings can truly elevate any meal and that’s especially true when making Dal Makhani. Topping this fragrant stew with freshly chopped cilantro or parsley adds color and texture while providing an extra boost of herby flavors. If you’re looking for something spicier, try sprinkling roasted cumin seeds or red chili powder over the top of your dish for an added kick.

Serving Suggestions: Creative Ideas

For those looking for a delicious Indian dish to serve at their next gathering, Dal Makhani is an excellent option. This traditional Punjabi recipe is made with lentils and cream, and can be prepared quickly with minimal effort. While making a classic version of Dal Makhani is sure to please your guests, there are also many creative serving suggestions you can use to make the dish even more special.

When it comes to planning out your meal, think outside the box by adding unique toppings or side dishes that complement the flavors of the dal makhan. Consider creamy yogurt or raita as a refreshing accompaniment, along with roasted nuts for added crunchiness and texture. For vegans and vegetarians in attendance, try using tofu cubes instead of butter or ghee while preparing the dish.

Conclusion: Enjoy Your Meal!

This article has explored the best recipe for Dal Makhani in Hindi. For those who have been searching for a delicious and authentic way to make this Indian classic, this recipe is guaranteed to deliver delicious results.

The steps in the recipe are easy to follow and require minimal ingredients. The end result is a creamy and flavorful dal that can be enjoyed by all. With just one try, it’s sure to become a fast favorite amongst friends and family alike. So go ahead, get cooking, and enjoy your meal!

Punjabi Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi

पंजाबी दाल मखनी रेसीपी, भारतीय क्‌‌‍‍‌‍​​​​​​‍​ ‍⁠ ‌ ​‌ ‌ ​​​ ​ ṭ̥ḷṿḷyā-vyavasthā mein ek bahut popular dish hai. Yeh mazedar aur sundar dikhne wala dish bahut hi swadisht aur sarvadhik proten se bharpur hota hai.

Punjabi Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is an iconic North Indian dish that’s adored by food lovers all over the world. This creamy and delicious dal combines whole black lentils, red kidney beans and spices to create a flavourful and nutritious meal. Whether it’s for special occasions like festivals or just for a regular weeknight dinner, this classic dish is sure to make everyone happy! Here’s how you can make your own delicious Dal Makhani using our easy recipe in Hindi.

The key to making any good dal makhani lies in its combination of ingredients. The main components of this delightful dish are whole black lentils, red kidney beans and spices like red chilli powder, garam masala, coriander powder, turmeric and cumin powder.


Dal Makhani is a popular Indian dish with tantalizing flavors to stimulate any taste buds. This traditional Punjabi dish, with its creamy texture and earthy flavor, can be made in many different ways. To prepare the recipe for Dal Makhani in Hindi, it requires some specific ingredients that will work best when combined together.


The main ingredient of Dal Makhani is lentils, ideally black gram or whole urad dal. However, other types of lentils such as split peas or moong dal can also be used. Along with lentils, the spices like garam masala powder and cumin powder are necessary to give the dish its unique flavor and aroma. Other ingredients like onion, ginger paste, garlic paste and red chilli powder are needed for tempering or tadka to enhance the taste even further.

Preparation Steps:

Dal makhani is a popular North Indian dish with a creamy texture and deep flavor. Preparing dal makhani at home can be an intimidating task, but it’s easy once you know the right steps. This guide will provide all the necessary preparation steps to make delicious dal makhani in Hindi.

To begin, wash 1/2 cup each of whole urad dal and kidney beans (rajma) separately until the water runs clear. Soak them together in sufficient water for 6-8 hours or overnight. Drain the soaked lentils, add fresh water and pressure cook them until they become soft and mushy. Make sure not to overcook or else they will turn into a paste-like consistency.

Cooking Instructions:

Cooking Instructions: Dal Makhani Recipe in Hindi

Are you longing to try a delicious and authentic Indian dish? Look no further than this delicious dal makhani recipe in hindi! This traditional Punjabi dish is sure to make your taste buds dance with its rich, creamy texture and tantalizing flavors.

The preparation of the dal makhani requires overnight soaking of the urad dal and rajma beans for best results; however, if you’re short on time, you can use pre-soaked pulses as well. The rest of the ingredients are simple and straightforward—garlic paste, ginger paste, onions, tomatoes and a combination of whole spices including cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder and garam masala.

Serving Suggestions:

The traditional Dal Makhani recipe is one of India’s most beloved dishes. Originating from the Punjab region, this dish features creamy black lentils cooked slowly with butter and spices. This hearty and flavorful meal is a favorite of many, but what to serve it with? Here are some suggestions for serving your delicious Dal Makhani in Hindi.

Making yogurt an accompaniment to your meal is a great way to enjoy this classic Indian dish. The richness of the dal makhan will be balanced nicely by the lightness of plain yogurt or raita – try adding some cucumber and tomato for extra flavor! If you’re looking for something more filling, consider making roti or naan bread to scoop up that rich gravy.


Variations to the traditional Dal Makhani recipe in Hindi are constantly evolving. A favorite dish of north India, Dal Makhani is a thick and creamy main course lentil dish usually served with naan or rice. The original recipe consists of whole urad dal simmered overnight with tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger in a creamy gravy enriched with butter and cream.

Nevertheless, variations have been made over time to make it more flavorful or suitable for different kinds of diets. For instance, some people prefer to add garam masala powder while cooking the dal as well as other spices like cumin powder and coriander powder. Vegans can easily omit the cream or use dairy-free alternatives such as coconut milk instead of cream. Additionally, many variations include adding vegetables like potatoes, carrots and cauliflower for extra nutrition and flavor.

Tips & Tricks:

Are you looking to cook up an authentic dal makhani recipe in Hindi? Dal makhani is a classic Indian dish that is enjoyed by many and is just as delicious as it looks. This recipe combines black lentils, butter, tomatoes and spices for a flavorful result that will have your guests begging for seconds. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the dal makhani recipe in Hindi.

First, if using canned lentils, be sure to rinse them thoroughly before cooking with them. This will help remove any excess salt or preservatives from the canning process which can affect the flavor of your dish. Second, when stirring together all of the ingredients for your dish remember that slow and steady wins this race! You want to bring all of the flavors together without overworking your mix so take it slow when stirring everything together.

Conclusion: Enjoy!

Dal makhani, a classic North Indian dish, is the perfect way to enjoy dal with a creamy and rich flavor. This popular dish requires the right ingredients and techniques to fully savor its wonderful flavors. After following this simple Dal Makhani recipe in Hindi, you will be able to make this delicious meal at home.

The key is to simmer the lentils slowly and blend with creamy butter and tomato puree. Make sure you use full-fat milk rather than low-fat milk for added richness and don’t forget some fresh cilantro garnish when you serve! The spices used in the recipe can also be adjusted according to your own preferences – add more chilli powder or garam masala for an extra kick if desired.

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