Daska NA 75 Bye Election Re-Polling Results | Live Updates | PTI Vs PMLN

Daska NA 75 Bye Election Results repolling live updates PTI Vs PMLN candidates Ali Asjad Malhi and Syeda Nosheen Iftikhar both are candidates in this Election. NA 75 Bye election predictions which party will win this election?

Daska NA 75 Bye Election Predictions:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidates are contesting in the by-elections in Daska.
b from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and PML-N candidate Syeda Noshin Iftikhar are trying to subdue each other in NA-75 Daska. The NA-75 Daska election is in the spotlight these days. In the previous by-elections, there was a lot of competition between the two sides. A PTI supporter and a Muslim League supporter were also killed in the election. Allegations that the election was rigged by both sides. Due to which the Election Commission of Pakistan declared this election null and void. And re-polling on April 10, 2021.

Which party will win this election?

Daska is considered to be the stronghold of Noon League. The PML-N has always won from this constituency. But the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has also taken strong steps in this area. In the last by-election, the PTI has largely asserted itself in this constituency.
Ali Asjad Malhi is very active in this constituency. He has done a lot of development work in the area such as gas, clean water, streets, roads and electricity. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is the government in Punjab. PTI has a slight advantage.

Syeda Noshin Iftikhar is strong because of the votes and money of Pakistan Muslim League. Because PML-N has always won in this constituency. The PML-N has a lot of votes in this constituency. Maryam Nawaz and Hamza Shahbaz are supporting their candidate in this constituency.

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NA 75 Sialkot Bye Election 2021 Result 10 April

Detail and complete Bye election result of NA-75 Daska district Sialkot with votes detail of Bye-Election 2021. Election Pakistani Provide the information about names of all candidates , their party affiliation and their votes in by election 2021 of NA 75 Sialkot Punjab Pakistan .  Syed Iftikhar ul Hassan alias Pir Zahiray Shah was elected MNA from N.A-  75 District Sialkot in the general election 2018. But this constituency become vacant due to death of Peer Syed Iftikhar ul Hassan Shah Elected MNA.  So Bye election held in NA-75 Sialkot on 19th February 2021. NA-75 Sialkot in bye election held on 19-02-2021. But election commission of Pakistan declared election null and void and order to re poll . is elected M.N.A from NA-75 Sialkot in bye election held on 10-04-2021

Result Delay Bye Election 2021 of NA75 Sialkot

Candidate Name Party Votes
Syeda Nosheen Iftikhar PML-N
Ali Asjad Malhi PTI
Choudhary Khalil Sindho TLP
Muhammad Khalid Usman Independent
Sumera Islam Independent
Syed Haidar Jafri Independent
Shah Faisal Independent
Khawja Atif Raza Pashi Independent
Shamsa Saleem Bukhari Independent

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