Discover our 5 Reasons why Mx Player’s Chakravyuh is a must-have watch.

MX Player launched its new offering, Chakravyuh on March 12, and has thrilled all fans of crime thrillers! This is a fast paced web series that involves a plot full of twists and a myriad of interesting characters. The series stars Prateik Babbar as supercop, Virkar. He’s dealing with a murder case involving cybercrime, the internet underworld, and a killer who is often one step ahead of the game.

Discover our 5 Reasons why Mx Player’s Chakravyuh

The series is an official adaptation of the successful detective novel, Anti-Social Network, written by Piyush Jha. Chakravyuh is a compelling crime thriller series with a compelling storyline that you can’t afford to miss. And here are 5 reasons why this series should be on your binge watch list –

Stellar performance of the distribution:

Prateik Babbar takes on the role of supercop Virkar. Virkar as a character is someone who believes in justice at all costs. He never really cares about following police procedures and often pulls the trigger before he thinks. Prateik Babbar embodies this brash but morally upright character in T. The supporting cast is also a treat to watch. We have Gopal Dutt, the forensic expert, Dr Sinha, who has an unusual way of working, but he’s the best at what he does. Simran Kaur Mundi plays Naina Rai, a college counselor who seems kind and sweet, but she is more than you see. In addition, Ashish Vidyarthi, Shiv Pandit, Ruhii Dilip Singh and Asif Basra also played key roles.

A biting mysterious thriller:

Since we are dealing with a cybercriminal in this story, the identity of who actually is the mastermind behind her is being kept a secret. There are several red herrings in the story, but you can never predict the suspense. And the twists and turns of the storyline are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, leaving you satisfied with the climax.

A captivating scenario:

The plot is about a serial blackmailer who uses social media and cryptocurrency to cyberbully his victims who are students. This series is a cat-and-mouse chase where Virkar desperately tries to catch the culprit but is still foiled by him. With its cast full of gray characters, this show will definitely keep you hooked from the start.

Powerful action scenes:

Action scenes can make or break a crime thriller and Chakrayuh doesn’t disappoint in that regard. The series features cleverly choreographed action scenes that will get your adrenaline pumping. The victim murders are shot in grotesque detail and are sure to give you goosebumps. The climax is also pulled well and ties all the loose ends together.

Incredible background scores:

For better impact of any thriller scene, excellent sound design plays a major role and Chakrayuh delivers it perfectly. Much effort has gone into the background music for the action sequences and emotional moments that make this show such a captivating watch.

So here is a web series of crime thrillers with an interesting take on the world of cybercrime. Be sure to watch Chakravyuh on the MX Player app today.

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