Download PUBG for PC – Install PUBG for Laptop Windows 10/7/11

Download PUBG for PC & laptops: Install PUBG for Windows 10/7/11 Laptop by following these tips. PUBG Mobile for PC download links is here. If you are looking for the best way to play PUBG Mobile on your computer or laptop, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to install a PUBG PC on any Windows 7/8/10 or Mac computer. You will almost certainly participate in PUBG.


Due to the large audience that has witnessed the performance, if you are also a member of that audience, you will definitely want to play this game on your computer. Many people used to play games on their mobile phones, but they were tired of them and switched to playing Android games on their computers.

However, many chose the wrong method to download the games. In this post, you will learn how to download PUBG for PC in a more natural way.

Download PUBG for PC

Understanding your PC requirements, we suggest that you download PUBG PC using Tencent Emulator, which is reliable, easy to use, and gaming-friendly; one of the best things about this is that it is absolutely free. There is no charge for it.

PUBG Alternative called Call of Duty Mobile has become the best option available. Without further ado, go ahead and download the game on your system.

What is Tencent Gaming and how does it work?

This Android emulator developed by Tencent allows you to play the international version of PUBG for Android as well as PUBG The emulator comes with a full-featured package that will allow you to handle PUBG according to your preferences, even if you want to augment the game to match. with the capabilities of your system.

Most known players recommend playing PUBG Mobile with Tencent

One hundred players first parachute onto an 8-kilometer-long island for the winner-takes-all fight where the winner takes all. The player must discover and collect his weapons, vehicles, and supplies and defeat all other players in a conflict that is both visually and strategically rich and that pushes the player into an ever-diminishing playing area. Make preparations to land, loot, and do whatever it takes to survive and be the last man standing.

How to set up PUBG Mobile Ultra HD on a computer

This is the fastest and easiest method to download PUBG PC; just follow the instructions below for installation.

Step 1: Download and install Tencent Buddy Emulator on your computer.

To install Tencent Emulator, you will first need to download it from the URL provided below. Once you have downloaded it, you can proceed to install it.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator for PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Step 2: Launch Tencent Buddy Emulator on your computer.

Open the download folder to run the installation file. Double-click on Tencent and a pop-up window will appear asking for your approval before the installation can begin. If it doesn’t open, try running it with the “Run as administrator” option. Make sure you have 3 GB of free space on your hard drive before starting the installation process.

Step 3: Next, download and install Tencent Emulator.

After that, you will see the installation section and you will need to click the green “Install” button. You can also customize the settings if you want to change the “installation directory”. You can do this quickly and without difficulty, or you can leave it as is and install it on the C: drive.

Step 4: Begin the PUBG download procedure.

After that, you will see that the game will start the download process; make sure you have turned on your internet connection because Tencent Buddy will require an online connection. To download the game files, you can use any type of broadband connection, such as a mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi.

And remember that you must have more than 2.5 GB of space available on the Internet because the game is almost 1.4 GB in size. After that, the game download process will begin; It will take 5-10 minutes for the game to complete the download; however, this depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

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