Emily in Paris 2 Release Date and Star Cast Everything We Know About Romantic Drama

Pack your bags and get ready for another season with Emily in Paris. This shows the romantic drama with Lily Collins’ Netflix teaser also announcing the release date – let’s find out all the news. Don’t make an appointment in the next few months: Emily arrives in Paris.

The romantic drama with Lily Collins returns with a second season that promises sparks and new adventures for her character, the ambitious American marketing director who works in the French capital. On the occasion of the TUDUM virtual event, Netflix has revealed many previews of some of the most anticipated products, including a delicious teaser for Emily in Paris 2, which also reveals the premiere date of the second season.

Emily in Paris 2: the release date

At the end of the teaser, Netflix reveals the release date for the second season: December 22, 2021. An early Christmas gift. The second season, like the first, will consist of: 10 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

What the teaser reveals

The first teaser image (reminiscent of a postcard) shows Emily’s new job in St. Tropez. The girl is divided between the hours behind the computer and those in which she can enjoy the view and the beautiful city, which has always been a jet set destination and known for her nightlife.

Being friends with hers Mindy hers and Camille, Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend, the neighbor who gave birth to a certain feeling. So it seems like the love triangle from season one is completely gone, as Emily and Camille are in love and are good together.

The teaser lasts only 49 seconds and it is impossible to understand other information, but it shows us a clear change of direction from a narrative point of view. In addition to the new location where Emily is on a business trip (although we suspect that she will return to Paris sooner or later), the Netflix series seems to give more space to the friendship that binds the main character with Mindy and Camille – in one scene , the two seem very close, a sign that their bond grew stronger when Emily moved to Saint-Tropez.

Emily in Paris 2: The Plot

Emily has gotten used to her new life in Paris, where she continues to improve her language and adapt to local customs. According to the official plot of the second season, our protagonist is determined to leave the love triangle behind (with Camille and Gabriel) to focus on work, which becomes more complicated every day.

To do this, Emily continues to take French lessons, and here she meets a potential new love interest: Alfie is described as a man who “makes her nervous, but at the same time intrigues.” It will be love

Who is in the cast again?

Here are the protagonists of Emily in Paris 2:

  • Lily Collins as Emily
  • Lucas Bravo is Gabriel
  • Filipino Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau
  • Ashley Park is Mindy
  • Samuel Arnold as Luc
  • Bruno Gouery as Julien
  • Camille Razat as Camic
  • William Abadie as Antoine Lambert
  • Kate Walsh as Madeline
  • Jeremy O. Harris as Gregory Elliott Dupree
  • Arnaud Binard as Laurent G

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