Enemy Review Movie: A well scripted storyline with good action and visual effects

Enemy Movie Review:

Vishal and Arya are impressive in this brisk and engaging ride. Below goes our Enemy Movie Review.

Title:                           Enemy

Enemy Director:       Anand Shankar

Enemy Cast:              Vishal, Arya and others

Rating:                        3/5

Review by:                  Bhavana Sharma

Enemy is based on the story of Chozhan (Vishal) and Rajiv (Arya), two friends who later turn foes and fight it out against each other. The film stresses on the parenting that the duo had in their early days, with veterans in Prakash Raaj and Thambi Ramaiah doing the honours. Anand Shankar sets up the stage interestingly with his 20-minute flashback sequence in the beginning, which helps the film register its aims and move forward with a motive. There is lots to like in how it picks up speed once Arya’s character re-enters the frame in the first half, and then locks horns with Vishal. The first half is busy dilly-dallying between the rest of the cast and the lead duo, but the second half is a systematic and well-executed thriller that pumps up the momentum with racy action sequences and a good brand of emotions.

An ex CBI Officer (Prakash Raj) trains his son, and neighbour’s son to become intelligent boys and cops in future. But one day, goons kill the police and his son Rajiv (Arya) becomes an orphan, whereas his friend Chozhan (Vishal) and father disappear from the crime scene.

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A few years since then, Chozhan and his dad are seen in Singapore. Chozhan is known for helping all the Tamilians in Singapore. In a fire mishap, many Tamilians die and soon, Chozhan with all the training he received in his childhood, manages to find that this was not an accident, but a pre-planned murder. There’s a bigger danger that’s coming and Chozhan manages to see that coming. What’s that danger and how is Rajiv involved in it forms the crux of the story.

Vishal and Arya fit well in the roles. While Vishal plays the good guy, Arya plays the baddie. So there’s no need for another antagonist in the film. Both of them have done a phenomenal job. Mirnalini Ravi plays Vishal’s ladylove and she adds a bit of glamour to the film. Mamata Mohandas plays a vital role in the film. She plays Rajiv’s wife and add to the emotional drama. After a long time, she has a solid role to do. In between all the war and crime that’s taking place between the friends and city respectively, there’s a cute love story happening as well.

The plot is very much thrilling and has some nice action sequences that makes the story worth watching. The director has researched all the technical and medical aspects that help the twists and turns in the plot. On the whole, the director has managed to write a good story and has directed it well.

The technicalities, camera work, visual effects, and quality of the film are rich. This festive season, it gives all the entertainment that’s needed for the adrenaline rush of the audiences who have been waiting for a good film in the theatres.

Overall, Enemy is a clean action thriller that does not tick all the boxes, but still ends up as a satisfying ride. The film has a lot of action packed into it, so it is sure to interest audiences who are game for such thrillers. Anand Shankar makes a compelling comeback after NOTA, making the right use of two stars and their strengths.

Enemy Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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