EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Richard Madden REVEALS filming Eternals with Kit Harington & Gemma Chan didn’t feel like work

After a decade, in a full circle moment, Richard Madden and Kit Harington have jumped ship from one big franchise to another. Starting as mere babies in Game of Thrones, we now see the supremely talented and good-looking actors as MCU superheroes in Eternals. On one hand, in GoT, Richard and Kit played Stark House siblings, Robb Stark and Jon Snow. Albeit, the close friends only had a few minute sequences together. Fans of the iconic series are well aware of Robb’s “RW” ill-fate, which ruined any potential on-screen reunion between the duo.

On the other hand, in Eternals, while Madden plays the strongest Eternal Ikaris, Harington portrays the role of Dane Whitman aka Black Knight. Just like Game of the Thrones, Richard and Kit are, unfortunately, seen in only one pivotal sequence together at the very beginning with their common denominator being Sersi, played by another close pal of theirs, Gemma Chan. Hence, what we’re given is an epic love triangle between Ikaris, Sersi and Dane. Nevertheless, I was also curious to know how the electrifying atmosphere on set was like when the Stark siblings reunited after 10 long years! In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Madden and Chan, I asked Richard just that, about how he felt over the epic, long overdue GoT reunion with Harington on the sets of Eternals.

“It was beautiful to be back on set with a very close friend of mine. And Gemma is a very close of mine and we have this great moment of the three of us being on set together in an area of London that we hang out in, sometimes,” Madden gushed before adding, “So, you have to pinch yourself and think, ‘Am I at work? Because I’m just here with my friends.'”

While it was a limited reunion, Game of Thrones fans were indeed excited to see the Stark siblings as MCU superheroes in Eternals! Fingers crossed, hoping for another big encounter in the near MCU future between the two!

What did you think of Richard Madden, Kit Harington and Gemma Chan’s encounter as Ikaris, Dane Whitman and Sersi in Eternals? Share your honest, personal thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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