Facebook to launch the first dual camera smartwatch in 2022

Facebook is reportedly planning to launch its first first-generation dual camera smartwatch in 2022. Sources have revealed that the watch’s cameras will be detachable from the steel frame and images can be shared on all social media platforms owned by Facebook. In addition, it would also be compatible with LTE, thus ruling out dependence on phone connectivity. The devices are likely to be available in white, black, and gold.

Facebook dual camera smartwatch in 2022

Facebook’s first dual-camera smartwatch is coming next year. Social media giant Facebook is likely to launch its first smartwatch by next summer, Verge reports. The smartwatch will not only have messaging functions, but also a heart rate monitor and two detachable cameras. The smartwatch will be available in white, black and gold color options. Facebook has yet to decide on a name for the smartwatch.

The two detachable cameras can be easily separated to capture images and videos. One camera will be at the top and the other at the rear. The front camera will be used primarily for video calls, while a 1080p autofocus camera can be used to capture video footage. Videos can be shared to the Facebook suite of applications, including Instagram.

Facebook to launch the first dual camera smartwatch in 2022

As sources reported to Verge, Facebook is turning to other companies to create accessories to connect the camera hub to things like backpacks.

The Facebook smartwatch will reportedly not require a connection with a smartphone to function. The social media giant is collaborating with one of the major US carriers to support LTE connectivity. The first generation watch will be launched in 2022. It will soon be followed by the second and third generation smart watch.

As reported by Verge, the smartwatch could be priced at around $ 400 (Rs 29,000 roughly). But there has been no confirmation of the same yet.

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