FCUK Movie Review: Full To Awkward, Absolute Khangali

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Movie: FCUK
Rating: 1/5

Banner: Sri Ranjith Films
Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Raam Kaarthik, Ammu Abhirami, Ali, Daggubati Raja and others
Music: Bohemian Ceciroleo
Photography: Shiva G.
Publisher: Kishore Maddali
Art: JK Murthy
Producers: KL Damodar Prasad
Written and directed by: Vidayasagar Raj
Publication Date: February 12, 2021

The title “FCUK” aroused curiosity. Due to such a title, we did not partner with Jagapathi Babu, nor with the production house that produced cute family entertainers like “Ala Modalaindi.”

The contemporary title and different styles of promotions have created quite a stir around this low-budget movie.

Did the movie work? Let’s find out.


Maphik (Raam Karthik) is the son of businessman Fhani Bhupal (Jagapathi Babu). Fhani’s wife, 60, passed away many years ago and he becomes Casanova. He owns a condom marketing company.

Maphik loves a family doctor named Umaa (Ammu Abhirami), who is already engaged. Still, Umaa agrees to date Kaarthik for three days, because he lost a challenge.

This leads to long and crazy romantic episodes. Although he has problems with Umaa, his life takes a different turn when his father brings in Chitti, a little girl. Fhani Bhupal says that Chitti is his daughter with one of his mistresses.

What happens now?

Artists performances:

Why on earth did Jagapathi Babu, over 50, who has managed to establish his career as a villain and character artist, agree with this silly character? It’s awkward to see him show off his “Casanova” image at this age. With visible neck wrinkles and aging skin, he performs all sorts of uncomfortable actions.

Raam Kaarthik looks good, but has insufficient acting skills. Ammu Abhirami’s character is insane. Ali’s comic sequences are a clear example of how outdated the scenes are.

Technical excellence:

The movie doesn’t even deliver a decent result from a technician. Mediocre work from all the technicians.




Ridiculous story
Ridiculous story
Scandalously misdirected
Stupid dialogues with double meanings
Without rhyme or reason


A movie can be good, bad or normal. “FCUK”, which means “Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik”, goes beyond all that. It is tremendously stupid, an example of stupidity. There are many scenes in the movie that show the madness of the director and the writers. The movie smells of low-level thinking and idiocy.

I wonder how Damodara Prasad, who produced new age films like “Ala Modalaindi,” gave the green light to this pointless work.

Where to start and where to end? This is such a clueless movie.

Umaa, played by Ammu Abhirami, is a doctor by profession. But she does everything but treat patients. She and her colleague are concerned that men are not looking at them. Umaa also says that her first date went wrong because she farted in the car.

In one of Allari Ravi Babu’s craziest movies, there was a scene where a baby’s diaper landed on a hero’s face. Here the same scene is repeated.

The romantic song between Karthik and Umaa will test your patience. The director further tests our patience and presents outdated comedy tracks with Ali and Master Bharath.

We can keep talking about the plethora of sillier scenes this movie has, but let’s stop ranting here. In short, “FCUK” is without a doubt one of the worst movies we have seen in recent times. With the intermission, you cannot sit in the seats and try to escape from the theater.

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