First-ever study launched to assess Blue Carbon assets in Pakistan

First-ever study launched to assess Blue Carbon assets in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Climate Change Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam announced that the federal government has launched the first “blue carbon study” with the assistance of the World Bank to estimate potential carbon stocks of coastal ecosystems”

Launched the first study to evaluate Blue Carbon assets in Pakistan
SAPM on climate change Malik Amin Aslam said in a statement that there has been a record increase in mangrove forests by up to 300 percent. He said Pakistan has launched the study to make an accurate estimate of carbon stocks in coastal and mangrove ecosystems. The value of mangroves and carbon stocks could be in the billions of dollars. Aslam said the project would become an important pillar of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision for climate action. He added that the blue carbon estimate report will be received within three months.

Moreover, he also announced that he will plant one billion mangroves along the coast by the federal government under the 10 billion tsunami tree program. The initiative aims to reduce hazardous gas emissions by expanding significant ecological mangrove forests in the country.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan called 2020 the “year of the blue economy”, while emphasizing the significance of efficient use of ocean resources.

The prime minister said that promoting the blue economy will create job opportunities, stimulate tourism and bring investment in the country and renewable energy. He announced that the government is preparing a roadmap for the blue economy.

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