Floribama Shore season 4 episode 21 spoilers The camping trip

While you prepare for Floribama Shore season 4 episode 21 next week on MTV, know a camping trip is coming! Who doesn’t like that? (Technically we wouldn’t want to do it – but it seems perfect for a show like this.)

When you agree to go out and sleep in the wilderness, we tend to think that you do so expecting things to go wrong. You don’t know what the conditions will be like or when someone is going to fight in the middle of the night.

For the sake of this show, some of the chaos on the camping trip may simply come from the assumption that this must somehow turn into a summer camp — even if it really isn’t. We could see that very quickly this turned into an incredibly messy situation. In fact, we’re going to expect that as camp games can send the entire cast into a frenzy.

For a few more details on what’s to come, check out the full Floribama Shore season 4 episode 21 synopsis below:

The housemates say goodbye to Bethany. Aimee and Codi take everyone on a camping trip and hire camp counselors. But Nilsa has other plans. And once they get to the campsite and start assigning teams for camp games… all bets are off.

Those of you who follow this show closely already know that the pace is rather slow. Therefore, we would go ahead and warn you not to expect a full fix for this trip within the episode. More than likely you’ll have to wait another week or two for that.

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