Foundation Episode 7 End Explained What is Invictus? What will the Anacreons do with it?

Foundation episode 7 is available on Apple TV+! foundation episode 7 begins at Anthor’s Belt as Salvor and Hugo observe a devastated colony. It used to be a mining colony, but there’s nothing left. In fact, the only headstone is our wrecked ship, the “world assassin” named Invictus.

We heard about this ship in the previous episode and Phara, blinded by its power, wants it for herself. Since they have an Imperial by their side, the Anacreons plan to use it to trick the ship’s computers and board. Salvor has reservations, and with a 10,000-foot jump to go, the pressure is high. Their destination is the Inner Ring, and that’s a guess. If you want to know the explanation of the ending of Episode 7 of Foundation, Read more!

Foundation Episode 7 End Explained

The end of Foundation Episode 7 reveals that Hari’s plan was not followed, most likely because he didn’t expect Gaal to see the future. According to her plan, she would be swimming on the night of her murder. Gaal, however, followed a troubling feeling and instead went to Hari’s cabin, where she saw that he was murdered. Therefore, Hari’s plan is basically shelved, due to Gaal’s newly discovered ability.

Remember, however, that neither Hari nor Gaal know anything about Salvor. The Guardian of Terminus is a similar anomaly that was not foreseen by Hari’s strategy and could ultimately negate Gaal’s departure from the plan. Though it hasn’t been clarified yet, the fact that Salvor and Gaal are both deviations from the plan may be the reason they continue to have visions of each other.

This episode also reveals Anacreon’s strategy in all its devastating simplicity. According to Phara, the plan is to take control of the Invictus and immediately transport it to Trantor so that the Galactic Empire has no time to react to the attack.

The Rebels then plan to use the ship to destroy most of the planet, leaving it in a state similar to the planet Anacreon after being attacked by Brother Dusk many years ago. Phara’s commander claims that none of them will ever leave the Invictus, as they all intend to die while completing their mission to “bring the empire to its knees.”

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