French DJ David Guetta says fair if festivals require vaccinations

With the live music industry shut down by the pandemic, celebrated French DJ David Guetta said it would be fair in the future to limit festivals to those vaccinated against the coronavirus.

French DJ David Guetta says fair if festivals require vaccinations

Guetta, 53, who said he received the first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, encouraged supporters to be vaccinated, but said he understood and respected that it was a personal decision.

“I think it’s absolutely fair. “People have the right not to be vaccinated, but they can not put other people at risk of making them sick,” he told Reuters on Tuesday.

He also said it would be fair for cities and countries to restrict access to those vaccinated.

Worldwide, at least 103,371,000 COVID-19 cases and 2,235,000 deaths have been reported so far worldwide.

In Guetta’s native France, one of the worst hit countries in Europe and in the world, people are among the most skeptical about vaccines, with opinion polls showing that less than half of the population is planning a COVID vaccine. to get shot.

Guetta has been known for collaborating for nearly two decades with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi, and said he hopes for an end to the pandemic, which was ‘terrible for our industry’, and that in 2022 it will be the ‘biggest party’. ‘would be. years ”ever.

‘People have been frustrated for so long. If they can get together and party, it’s going to be amazing. ‘

As soon as concerts and festivals return, he said he will be ‘non-stop’ on tour.

“I missed my shows so much.”

Guetta will stream a concert this Saturday – attended without fans – from Dubai’s iconic sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel in support of UNICEF and local charity Dubai Cares as part of its charity ‘United at Home’.

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