Friends: THIS glimpse of the reunion will thrill you all!

Friends: THIS glimpse of the reunion will thrill you all!

The highly anticipated Friends reunion special, which was originally scheduled to be released in May when HBO Max debuted, has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. More than 25 years have passed and they are always there for us. Ahead of the reunion, original set designer Greg Grand shared a glimpse of the reunion and it’s sure to get everyone excited.

Greg shared an image on his Instagram account, in which he confirmed that the iconic Monica Geller’s apartment will be part of the reunion. He captioned it as: “Sssh ??somethings happening deja vu … coming alive once more ❤️? # friends #monicasapt #friendsreunion”

Greg is also responsible for creating the likes of Central Perk and New York apartments in the iconic American sitcom that is still remembered by all.

All six members of the main cast, at one point or another, lived in Monica Geller’s apartment. They have also shared with others, all have spent quality time in one of the highlights of the program. Like the way they hung out in Central Perk, Monica’s house was also a gathering place for everyone.

The reunion special “Friends” will be an hour-long unscripted event in which the cast will revisit the original set and walk down memory lane together. It will air exclusively on HBO Max.

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