FWM Lyrics » G Herbo Ft. Yosohn

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FWM Lyrics » G Herbo Ft. Yosohn : The FWM Lyrics / FWM Song Lyrics by G Herbo Ft. Yosohn is the latest English song of 2022. The FWM song is sung by G Herbo Ft. yosohn. The music of the song FWM is in charge of G Herbo and the lyrics are written by G Herbo. Song is released on October 7, 2022.

FWM Song Details :

Song Title FWM
Singer G Herbo Ft. Yosohn
Music G Herbo
Lyrics G Herbo
Release Date 7th October, 2022
Language English (Rap)
Label G Herbo


FWM Lyrics » G Herbo Ft. yosohn

Man you blacks can’t fuck with me, run with me,
Step, step, with me..
I’ve been Dolo in the streets, I never need company
And now I have a company..

My money steep, but still discreet,
I roll with heat, you roll in 3..
I throw up 3 I’m throwing up B’s Up,
And we got them B’s Up..
On the street, I seen niggas freeze
Up The Glock And I Made Niggas Calm Down..

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Bitch, I rap this gangster shit ’cause I live it
I shoot and I’m not above my pivot..
Most of these niggas ain’t with it
I can’t feel it

Fuck me, if he’s up, he’s stuck with me
That’s why they don’t fuck with me, they fuck with me..
I stop. They think I brought some luck with me.
‘Cause my truck is a buck fifty..
plus another dollar fifty dollar fifty plus fifty..

I can’t relax, I’m so fucked up I can’t feel
I can’t even do drills because I’m so awake I can’t kill..
Tell the truth, I’m a real black
That’s cause I’m a real black
Alley Oop My Lil’ Niggas Tell ’em Go Spill Niggas..

Niggas having hit records
How the hell am I still bigger,
How the hell am I still richer
How the hell am I still a litre?
Intuition, got so far, quick decisions,
Like do I let bitches breathe or do I get to blickin’..

And I’ve been maxin’ off my speed,
I need a break and I’ve been packing my jeans
‘Cause I’ve been racking up my G’s
And I’ve been racking up my fees,
I have the fans on my dick..

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Got my lawyers on their knees
I have the world at my feet
I still have a trick up my sleeve..
All that shit stays on my mind
I have to stay in my routine..
So these problems I don’t need
And I’m dangerous as a seizure…

I’m dancing like Ariza
I’m in Prada, I’m in Neimans
I don’t call her, I don’t need her..
You don’t love her, neither do I
I just pick it up, I don’t feed it.
When she goes out with you, she can’t talk to me…
She stays with you, she sleeps with me..

She mean to you, she sweet to me,
she fuck with you, she sneak with me,
My crazy life, scandalous, Mind Racin’,
I need a psychiatrist

to hell with me..
to hell with me..
to hell with me..
to hell with me..

to hell with me..
to hell with me..
They can’t fuck with me
But fuck with me

to hell with me..
to hell with me..
to hell with me..
they can’t fuck me..

FWM Lyrics » G Herbo Ft. yosohn

Written By: G Herbo

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FWM Lyrics » G Herbo Ft. Yosohn » Official Music Video

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