Gia Duddy Height: Know Her Age, Net Worth, and Boyfriend

Gia Duddy Height: Know Her Age, Net Worth, and Boyfriend

Who is Gia Duddy, the woman who has just become famous as the girlfriend of NFL quarterback Will Levis? This article will examine Gia Duddy’s life in further detail, including her family history, professional accomplishments, romantic relationships, and wealth.

How Old is Gia Duddy?

Gia Duddy came into this world in Long Island, NY, on September 10, 1999. Michael Duddy II and social media influencer Elaine Rado are her parents. Michael III and Bella Duddy are Gia’s siblings, and both of them are quite social media savvy.


Gia Duddy majored in advertising and public relations at Hofstra University. The year 2021 was her graduation year.


Model and social media sensation Gia Duddy has amassed more than 100,000 Instagram followers. Her talent to make stylish yet practical outfits has made her famous.


Duddy has collaborated with notable figures in the fashion world, such as Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Dior. Many famous people and influential fashion bloggers are on her client list.

As a model, Gia has become well-known and has appeared in numerous publications, most notably on the cover of Maxim. She is represented by the prestigious international modeling agency Next Models at the moment.



Gia Duddy Height & Weight

At 5 feet, 5 inches tall and a respectable 50 kg, she appears stunning.

Gia Duddy Boyfriend

At this time, NFL quarterback Will Levis is Gia Duddy’s boyfriend. The pair has been an online couple since at least 2022, and they frequently post selfies and other images of themselves online.

Gia Duddy Boyfriend

Gia Duddy Net Worth

An estimated $500,000 is Gia Duddy’s net worth. Her success as a fashion model and influential user of social media has brought her great wealth. Read more: Meg Reily Age: 


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