International fact-checking day: Google shares how to spot fake news online

Google shares how to spot misinformation online on International Fact Check Day. How to check news fake or not google share complete method.

spot fake news online

The spread of false information, during the current coronavirus crisis, is a great threat. But factors like the Covid-19 pandemic, elections, and much more have caused fact-checkers around the world to work overtime. Google says that more than 50,000 new fact checks appeared on Google Search in the past year. But users have gotten smart and actively seek evidence to confirm or disprove information they are unsure about.

So, ahead of International Fact Verification Day on April 2, Google has shared some tips on how to spot fake news online.

Here are some tips shared by Google for spotting fake news:

1. Discover the source:

Google notes that users can learn more about the source of an article or website by clicking three dots to the right of an article. But this tool is only available in the US as of now.

2. Is the image authentic?

There are several photos that are forwarded on WhatsApp and Facebook. Users can check if an image is authentic by right-clicking on a photo and selecting Find Image on Google. Then Google will check if the image has appeared online before and the context in which it appeared.

3.More than one source:

Users can check the full coverage of a news story by switching to news mode or searching for a topic on Google News. Users can click on the full coverage to see the media that have covered the news.

4. Use the Google data checker:

Google users can type in a keyword and search for claims made by news posts. Users looking for an elaborate fact check search for a topic in the Fact Check Explorer.

5. Is the event taking place in that place?

Users can confirm if an event is actually taking place at a location by consulting Google Earth or Street View of a location on Google Maps.

International Data Verification Day is promoted by the International Data Verification Network in partnership with fact-checking organizations around the world. Fact Check Day is an annual celebration and a rallying cry for more data on public health, journalism, and everyday life.

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