‘Hellbound’ debuts as the No.1 Netflix Series in the world

As November 19 actualized, the excitement of K- drama suckers could not be held in. Another super starter awaited its release post a many hours. Backed by one of the engineers of the Korean film and drama assiduity, the visionary behind the webtoon Hellbound that brought about the series interpretation of the same name, Yeon Sang Ho has bettered formerly again.

When the story of The New Truth or Saejinrihoe was revealed to the world, people crowded over on Netflix, drinking it with wide arms. Within a day of release, the drama ranked No. 1 on the world Netflix map. It’s remarkable as the megahit ‘Squid Game’ took over 7 days to achieve the same feat.
At the same time, it charted at the No. 1 spot in 24 countries including South Korea, Belgium, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Morocco. In India still, it ranked second, only behind‘Dhamaka’, just like France where it stood No. 2. USA and Germany saw‘Hellbound’ ranking third.

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Yeon Sang Ho has been known for his former creations, zombie flicks‘ Train to Busan ’and‘Peninsula’. This time, he mentioned how he sought actor Yoo Ah In for the supereminent part of Jung Jin Soo, the cult leader. Kim Hyun Joo, Park Jeong Min, Won Jin Ah, Yang Ik June and Lee Ree took on notable places in the series.
Suckers have been left awestruck because of a veritably shocking and genius precipice-hanger that has them formerly demanding a season 2 and we suppose the mode has justbegun.However, is left to be seen, If it’ll amount to the position of fame that‘Squid Game’ saw or fall short.

Hellbound season 2 cast Who is in it?

Following that surprise ending, it looks like Kim Shin-rok will surely duplication the part of Park Jeong-ja in season two, and she could indeed be the lead now moving forward.
Hopefully, season one name Kim Hyun-joo will also return as Min Hye-jin, the attorney turned badass who propelled much of the main narrative forward in those first six occurrences.

Out of all the numerous deaths that were claimed in season one, there is still a small chance that Yoo Ah-in could return as Jeong Jin-soo, albeit through flashbacks or indeed some supernatural means. Yes, it’s doubtful, but the creepy cult leader was vital to Hellbound’s bow in season one, and we would love to see further of his life before he took over as head of the”New Truth Society.”

Hellbound season 2 plot What will be?

Hellbound’s season one homestretch kicks off with Soyhun asking Deacon Yuji about her baby’s woeful decree, and why this happened in the first place. The New Truth Society also call a meeting with Chairman Kim where it’s decided that they need to insulate the mama and her baby so no bone finds out that those without sin can still come hellbound.
Thankfully, Min Hye-jin way in and channels Daredevil in the stylish way possible when she kicks cult burro in the hallway outdoors. The deliverance works, so Min also smuggles the family down to a safe house. Little does she know, the man she trusts is actually Lee Dong wook, the crazy YouTuber who used to sermonize the cult’s philosophy online when the rulings first started to be.

While he does originally help by uploading a videotape that denounces the cult’s gospel on original sin, effects take a turn for the worst when he betrays Min and tries to kill everyone. Some”Messiah”, am I right?

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