Indian channel fined by UK regulator Ofcom for hate speech against Pakistan

Indian channel fined by UK regulator Ofcom for hate speech against PakistanIndian channel fined by UK regulator Ofcom for hate speech against PakistanRegulator of communication services in the United Kingdom Ofcom has imposed on Tuesday a fine of £20,000 on Republic Bharat TV for Arnab Goswami’s show where he trageted Pakistan

Ofcom has fined Indian television for an episode of “Poochta Hai Bharat” that aired early last year on September 6.

According to the regulator, it violated the Ofcom Broadcasting Code targeting Pakistanis and Pakistanis, with its comments and content.

The episode “Poochta Hai Bharat” featured a debate between Goswami and his guests about India’s attempt to send the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft on its mission to the moon.

On February 24, 2020, Ofcom found that the show violated the Code. He then informed Worldview Media Network Limited (the owner of the channel) to consider the violations and gave Worldview the opportunity to present his case.

Subsequently, Worldview submitted written comments, but did not make any oral representations at the hearing.

The order adopted on Tuesday said that in the program, the presenter and some of his guests conveyed the opinion that all Pakistanis are terrorists, including that: “scientists, doctors, their leaders, politicians are all terrorists. Even their athletes ”; “Every child is a terrorist there. Every child is a terrorist. You are dealing with a terrorist entity. ”

One guest described scientists from Pakistani “thieves,” while another described Pakistanis as “beggars.”

In the face of unforeseen and unfounded criticism, the presenter, addressing Pakistan and its people, said: “We are making scientists, you are making terrorists.”

“We considered these statements to be expressions of hatred based on intolerance towards Pakistanis solely on the basis of their nationality and that the dissemination of these statements spread, incited, promoted and justified such intolerance towards Pakistanis among viewers.” decided Ofcom.

He concluded that the program violates rules 2.3 (offensive and discriminatory language), 3.2 (hate speech) and 3.3 (abusive and derogatory treatment for individuals, religions or communities) of the Code.

The decision was made despite apologies from the Bharat Republic in English and Hindi a total of 280 times.

In addition to the fine, Ofcom instructed the operator not to repeat the program.

“Given that the licensee recorded a number of violations in a short time, Ofcom requests that the licensee attend a meeting to discuss its compliance arrangements,” he added.

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