India’s Covid disaster

India’s Covid disaster

India’s Covid disaster

India is in the clutches of the horrific wave of COVID-19 that has seen the country pass 18 million infectious cases creating a world record number of daily infections by placing the vast country in a spin making the country a virtual graveyard.

India reported 379,257 new infections and 3,645 new deaths and these data showed the highest number of casualties in a single day since the onset of the pandemic. The current position is that the world’s second most populous nation plunged deep into crisis with overcrowded hospitals and morgues.

Every day, thousands of Indians are frantically searching for hospital beds and life-saving oxygen for sick relatives, using social media apps and personal contacts. Hospital beds that become available, especially in the ICU, break down in minutes.

Railway hotels and trainers have been turned into critical care facilities to make up for the lack of hospital beds.

India’s Covid disaster

The main issue is the availability of current figures as the official Indian description is usually not considered reliable, a common problem for developing countries. In this context, medical experts believe that India’s true COVID-19 numbers may be five to 10 times greater than the official number. With regard to vaccination, however, it has been reported that only about 9% of India’s population of around 1.4 billion has received a dose since the vaccination campaign began in January.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been criticized for allowing mass political rallies and religious festivals which have been super-spreading events in recent weeks.

There is a lot of noise about the rampant killer virus and people are now demanding a full and honest account of what led more than a billion people to a catastrophe.

It was widely acknowledged that the BJP government miscalculated the situation extremely poorly and missed a crucial period between September and February when COVID-19 cases in India challenged global trends, falling sharply during the colder months of the year.

India that escaped the wrath of the virus was inexplicable with many attributing this apology due to the hot weather of the country. It was also speculated that the child immunization regimen given to the children was responsible for carrying the virus. It was also mentioned that India somehow achieved herd immunity and this strange idea took place in the highest circles of India’s policy-making, media and science – even a government-commissioned study suggested that herd immunity could have been achieved with it. true.

This self-impact assessment proved one of the most fatal pandemic miscalculations with devastating consequences. However, the virus had other designs and savagely attacked unsuspecting Indians.

India’s Covid disaster

Approval was also given to Kumbh Mela, a religious festival that attracted millions of Hindu pilgrims and this act was primarily aimed at seeking to give priority to India’s Hindu heritage. Indian holy people make their way to dive a sacred sign into the Ganges River along Kumbh Mela and all the pilgrims carried the virus home. Despite having nearly a year to build vaccine infrastructure to reach Indian adults, the spread began slowly although the government trumpeted vaccines to rival China’s influence in South Asia as it was getting its hands on less than a hundred doses needed to vaccinate India, counting on securing the rest later as new groups become eligible for shooting.

India’s Covid disaster

The hashtag #ModiMustResign is on trend on social media.

Some of the memes and illustrations show Modin with a pile of skulls protruding from behind his beard curtain. Modi Messiah speaking at a public gathering of corpses. Modi is now perceived to be the man without feelings, the man with empty eyes and a tireless smile and who, like many tyrants in the past, awakens passionate feelings in

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