Jo Bichar Gaye | Wahaj Ali & Maya Ali Drama | Cast, Story, Writer, Timing, OST

Jo Bichar Gaye Is a new upcoming Drama By Har Pal Geo. Wahaj Ali And Maya Ali Pair up for Drama Jo Bichar Gaye. Wahaj Ali and Maya Ali have always been very close friends even before joining show business. If you have ever wanted to see this beautiful couple on screen together, your wish will be fulfilled.

Jo Bichar Gaye

Jo Bichar Gaye is a 2021 historical drama broadcast by Geo Entertainment starring the main casts Maya Ali, Wahaj Ali, and Talha Chahour. In 2021, Geo Entertainment produced many hit dramas with unique stories. This series is an amazing addition to GeoEntertainment’s successful journey. The drama was produced by H2 Films and is Z. Written by Colonel I. Farrukh. The drama teaser and trailer promise an intense story. “A new drama series based on a true event with Wahaj Ali, Maya Ali and Talha Chahour as the main cast. Watch only on GeoEntertainment every Sunday at 8pm,” the official announcement said.

Jo Bichar Gaye Drama Cast

Wahaj Ali
Maya Ali
Talha Chahour
Aurangzeb Mirza
Nadia Jamel
Adnan Jaffar
Sajid Shah
Rana Majid
Omar Darr
Ahmed Abbas
Usman Zia
Shireen Zahid
Omar Cheema
Fahad Hashmi
Zaheer Taj
Fazal Hussain

Writer: Ali Moeen
Haissam Hussain
Timing & Day: 
Every Sunday at 8 pm
Release Date: 
12th December 2021

Other Details

Haissam Hussain, who directed several very successful plays, directed the project, Jo Bichar Gay. His blockbusters include Bin Roye, Durr e Shehwar and Kuch Pyar Ka Pagal Pan Bhi Tha. All of these works mentioned were top hits of the time.

Meanwhile, Ali Moeen created this project. Some of his perfectly written works include Mushrik and Mor Mahran, and a few others. Abdullah Kadwani is a drama producer and will be aired on GEOTV. However, although the release date has not yet been confirmed, the teaser is now available.

Jo Bichar Gaye, with rebellions, riots and rebellions, is based on the true events of the 1971 India Pak War, including the collapse of Dhaka (East Pakistan). The story is taken from a novel by the author, Col Z.I. Falk.

This is the first time Maya and Wahazi have teamed up for a project, and fans are excited to see the magic they create. The cast includes Nadia Jameel, Adnan Jaafer, Sajid Shah, Fasal Hussein, Rana Hussein, Auranzaive Mirza, Omar Dahl, Ahmed Abbas, Sirene Zahid, Usman Jia, Omar Chima, The Heel. Also includes Taj, Fahad Hashmi and more.


Jo Bichar Gaye, written by Ali Moeen and directed by Haissam Hussain, will be on screen on Sunday, December 12th.

Drama Jo Bichar Gaye Story

The teaser was released on social media yesterday, so we need to know a little about the history of the drama. There is no doubt that it will be an intense series based on the true story of the collapse of Dhaka. Based on progress, we could easily predict old vibrations. It will be interesting to know the true story of the drama now.

We don’t know the release date yet, but the news is already excited about the series.

Jo Bichar Gaye | Wahaj Ali & Maya Ali Drama | Cast, Story, Writer, Timing, OST

So it will be fun to see these real life best friends on screen for the first time in intense drama. The trailers surely look promising and we’re eager to learn the true story and which characters our favorite stars will be playing this time. Fingers crossed for this project.

Jo Bichar Gaye OST Lyrics

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