Kinza Hashmi and Zaviyar Nauman to Pair Up for a New Drama

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Kinza Hashmi is taking up the small screen formerly again. She’s been subscribing a lot of systems recently. It looks like she’s to rule the defenses for a long time from now. No doubt, the starlet is exceptionally talented and has a huge addict following. Ever since she started her career as an actress, she’s been winning hearts. Lately, some news about her forthcoming design has started to circulate on social media. There was n’t any sanctioned advertisement that’s why our platoon tried to dig a little bit deeper.

The gorgeous starlet is pairing up with an arising star of the assiduity. He’s none other than the youthful and talented Zaviyar Nauman. We all know him from the Qissa Meherbano Ka diurnal. He has some great amusement chops outgunned with his handsome aesthetics, the suckers are crazy about him. Unexpectedly, he’s the son of the top- notch actor and director Nauman Ijaz. The father- son brace is also set to partake the defenses for the first time in the forthcoming Sang e Mah diurnal.
The diurnal is in the pre-production phase, the news has blurted out veritably beforehand. The makers are busy opting the cast, plot, and deciding the blowups modes of the diurnal. Still, our platoon has brought some inside news for you. The two super-talented stars are coming together for asuper-amazing diurnal for Hum TV. The diurnal will be directed by famed director and dramatist Adnan Wai Qureshi. Hopefully, the diurnal will come a blockbuster superhit.

Kinza Hashmi and Zaviyar’s New Drama Release Date

The diurnal is n’t the making yet. No sanctioned evidence or details have come out. It’s not possible to prognosticate the release date; still, we can estimate the diurnal will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Some Short Details

Zaviyar Nauman is the eldest son of Nauman Ijaz. Zaviyar has debuted in media business along with his drama Qissa Meher Bano Ka. Suckers are loving his performing, they’re also assessing his seems along with his Uber complete and good- looking father. His forthcoming drama Sang E Maah for Hum Tv will presumably be on with his father Nauman Ijaz.

The youngish new actor is each set to check his performing chops alongside veritably complete Kinza Hashmi who does n’t want any preface relating to pure performing. Kinza Hashmi is gorgeous and supremely complete actress. The information are that each the actors will presumably be coming into Hum television manufacturing which will presumably be directed by ace director Adnan Wai Qureshi. The new drama would be the third charge of Zaviyar Nauman for Hum Television. Farther particulars concerning the drama will presumably be revealed snappily by the makers and the actors.

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