Legacies season 4, episode 7 Can Hope, Dark Josie work together

Sure, you may have to wait until early December to check out legacies season 4, episode 7, but could it be worth the wait? We’re starting to think it!

If you look below you can see what amounts to a pretty epic take on “Someplace Far Away from All This Violence” – which could be a pretty ironic title given all the violence that could happen. Take Dark Josie’s re-emergence, for example, plus what we already know about tribid Hope.

Are we going to see these two go after each other? While that’s certainly a possibility, we’re still in the camp that things that we could see these two eventually working together. There are at least some similarities here – this is also the kind of chaos that many people could get behind. It would also present more challenges for the other characters than anything else.

So what else happens in this episode? Well, Lizzie may have gotten to the point where she’s willing to take desperate steps to get Hope killed. That’s shocking, but at the same time it’s a result of where we are and what we’ve seen. Is there another way? Can someone get through to her emotionally? That is the real question that will be on everyone’s mind right now. Given that hope is the lead for legacies, we keep hoping this character finds a way to get through all of this in one piece. Much of this we will have to wait and see. (At this point, we are definitely more confident in her future than Alaric’s…)

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