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Main Manto Nahi Hoon


Channel                           ARY Digital
Based On                         Drama
Director                           Nadeem Baig
Writer                              Khalil-ur-Rehman
Genre                              Drama, Emotional, Love Story
Cast                                 Humayun Saeed, Maya Ali, Mehwish Hayat
Country                           Pakistan
Language                        Urdu

Main Manto Nahi Hoon Story

Main manto nahi hun is the next drama series of Humayun Saeed, Maya Ali, and Maewish Hayat. Fans are excited about the cast studded with the stars of the drama Mainman Tonahifun. Mainman Tonahifun will be the next breakthrough drama with a different story, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite stars with new characters. Let’s take a closer look at the cast, trailer, and release date of the drama “Main Manto nahi hun”.

Main Manto Nahi Hun is a romantic love story. The drama is full of action, romance, fun and excitement. After the hit series “Mere Pass Tum Ho“, Humayun Saeed will play the title role of mainman Tonahi Hung and will be paired with the beautiful Maya Ally. For the first time in a while, Maewish Hayat will appear on your TV screen with a new look and amazing performance. Maya Ali’s recent drama is “Perissimo Habat” with Sherayal Munawar. Filming of the play will soon begin in Punjab, Pakistan, according to sources. The on-screen pairing of Maewish Hayat and Humayun Saeed is always appreciated by fans. His blockbuster drama was “Dill Lagi” and the movie was “Punjab Ne Jaun Gi“.

Main Manto Nahi Hoon OST Lyrics

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BTS Main Manto Nahi Hoon Drama Cast  Main Manto Nahi Hoon Drama Cast
BTS Main Manto Nahi Hoon Drama Cast  Main Manto Nahi Hoon Drama Cast
BTS Main Manto Nahi Hoon Drama Cast  Main Manto Nahi Hoon Drama Cast

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