Maryam Nawaz Video Leaked Viral Video in NAB Office

WATCH Maryam Nawaz Video Leaked Video Viral Tape On Twitter And Instagram. Nawaz Sharif’s Daughter Maryam Nawaz Took Phone in Side the NAB office watch Full Video online and Download free.

Maryam Nawaz Video Leaked

A video is about to be released which will expose the Vice President of PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz). According to the source, the NAB officers received video evidence and will appear in the courtroom.

But what is in the video and why is it drawing so much attention from people? According to the source, Maryam Nawaz is accused of possessing a mobile phone while she was in NAB custody and has been filmed by a surveillance camera showing Maryam Nawaz surreptitiously handing over a phone to the National Accountability Office or NAB.

Allegedly, Maryam Nawaz’s video is about to leak and go viral on social media

A video of Maryam Nawaz will be leaked, according to ARY News. She was being held by NAB when this video was taken. Maryam Nawaz quickly hides under the moving cushion and heads upstairs to sit down when NAB staff enter the room.

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