Meet TikTok’s newest sensations, businessmen Ali and Shan Butt

Meet TikTok’s newest sensations, businessmen Ali and Shan Butt

TikTok may have created many stars from ordinary people, but TikTok’s latest feelings, twin brothers Ali and Shan Butt, have something more than just TikTok going for them.

Ali and Shan, who have been making waves on TikTok for their unique content highlighting the experience of being identical twins, sat down for a short chat

Collectively boasting about 736 thousand followers on TikTok, the duo shared that the response to their content has been overwhelming. “Since we are identical twins, a lot of people like him and we are getting a lot of shares and likes. We became very popular within a few days,” Shan said.

When asked if they had been called for any TV shows, such as many TikTok stars, Shan said, “Not yet.” Ali then said they would “look ahead” if something was offered to them.

A graduate of Central Punjab University, the brothers also opened up about their social media plans. “We have our business and we are very happy with it … We started TikTok only as a part-time job, but if something came out of it, we would look into it,” Shan shared.

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