Who is the Best Football player in the World? Messi Vs Ronaldo

The best football player is Messi or Ronaldo? Who is better – Messi or Ronaldo? Which footballer is the best? Messi Vs Ronaldo Soccer fans debate About their favorite Football player.

The best football player is Messi or Ronaldo? Who is better?

Messi vs Ronaldo who is better? is a Big question we can’t compare these two legend players because When it comes to the greatest football players of all time, there is no question that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are at the top of the list. Both men have won numerous accolades, including multiple Ballon d’Or awards and FIFA World Player of the Year titles. Which one is truly the best?

There is no clear answer, as each player has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. For example, Messi is known for his outrageous goal scoring ability, while Ronaldo is a master at creating chances for his team mates. The two also differ in terms of their playing styles – Messi typically plays on the left wing while Ronaldo usually plays centrally.

Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference. Fans of either player can enjoy watching them play because they both bring something different to the table.

Messi Vs Ronaldo, so who is the best?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the best footballers of all time, possibly the best of all. And amazingly, their careers have largely overlapped, with both players dominating the game for over a decade. But who is the best? Check below stats Messi vs Ronaldo

Lionel messi vs ronaldo all time stats

Who is the best football player in the world? Messi Vs Ronaldo
Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo stats

Who scores more goals?

Messi vs Ronaldo head to head wins and Goals Stats you can get in this article. We Compare Cristiano Ronaldo vs Messi stats by All Matches they had play in leagues and club matches.

What really set this rivalry on fire were their unbelievably unprecedented goal scoring rates, with Messi and Ronaldo averaging more than one goal in each game at their peak. During the 9 years that Ronaldo spent at Real Madrid, both Messi and Ronaldo scored a goal every 85 minutes in all competitions. The adjacency of their goals, matching each other blow for blow, has been amazing over the years.

During his entire career, it is Messi who has exceeded the ratio, with 0.79 goals per game, while Ronaldo has scored 0.72 goals per game. If we analyze the goals per minute, Messi scores a goal every 104 minutes and Ronaldo scores a goal every 113 minutes.

However, Ronaldo still has more all-time career goals than Messi (Ronaldo has 818 career goals and Messi has 785 career goals), but Ronaldo has played 146 more career games for him than Messi.

Although Messi shades the overall ratio, Ronaldo spent most of his formative years as a more traditional right winger, only beginning to focus on scoring goals as his primary function in 2006, 3-4 years into Messi’s career. the. For Messi, it took 2-3 years for him to complete the transformation from an agile winger to a goal-hungry player above all else. If we take these different beginnings into account, the proportions would be even closer.

Who gives more assists?

When it comes to assists, there is only one winner. Lionel Messi’s playmaking skills are up there with the best, and he has the numbers to prove it.

Messi has racked up an impressive 346 assists in 994 career appearances, compared to Ronaldo’s 234 assists in 1,140 games.

However, because Messi has a clear ascendancy when it comes to assists, this often leads people to fall into the trap of underestimating Ronaldo’s competence in this area. Ronaldo’s assist numbers remain extremely impressive compared to the other mere mortals who play the beautiful game.

In fact, Ronaldo has more in the Champions League, with 42 assists to Messi’s 40 assists. Although Ronaldo has played 26 more games than Messi, it is still an impressive number.

Who is the best passing?

Passing stats point to a clear winner in this category; Lionel Messi. But then again, Ronaldo’s passing skills are often underestimated.

In La Liga and Champions League since 2009/10, Messi has made 1,324 key passes in 577 games, while Ronaldo has made 890 key passes in 561 games.

Messi also dominates the through ball stats, making 429 successful through balls in the same time period, compared to Ronaldo’s 81 successful through balls.

Who is the best haggler?

Ronaldo started his career as a tricky winger, when his game consisted of running and beating defenders with his pace and skill. As he transitioned into a forward/inside forward role over the years, dribbling has naturally become a significantly less important factor in Ronaldo’s performances.

Messi also started his football career close to the baseline, eventually moving into a more central role as his main position for most of his career. However, Messi plays a very different game than a traditional center-forward, with his natural Number 10 skills making him the perfect False 9. As a result, Messi reaches much deeper, into the game, instead of running and playing off the shoulder. defenders

Because he often goes deep to receive the ball, dribbling remains an important part of Messi’s game, completing an incredible 3,015 dribbles in the league and Champions League, compared to Ronaldo’s 1,646 successful dribbles (since 2003/ 04).

Who is the best header?

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi who is best header states are below read it and pass in comments who is the best header.

Heading is arguably the clearest category, with Ronaldo’s heading stats absolutely dwarfing Messi’s.

Throughout his career, Ronaldo has scored 141 headers in 1,140 appearances, while Messi has scored just 26 headers in 994 appearances.

As well as headed goals, Ronaldo has also won 737 aerial duels in La Liga and Champions League since 2009/10 compared to 114 aerial duels won by Messi.

Of course, when you look at their respective builds, the way they play, the way their teams play, these numbers aren’t surprising.

Who is the best at shooting?

Statistics show that Ronaldo always has more shots on goal than Messi, with a total of 3,447 shots in the league and Champions League since 2009/10, compared to Messi’s 2,841 shots.

However, Messi converts a higher percentage of his shots, scoring a goal every 5.21 shots, while Ronaldo scores a goal every 6.43 shots.

Leo Messi also hits more shots on goal, with 47.66%, of his shots on goal compared to 41.14% for Ronaldo.

However, despite Messi’s superior efficiency, the sheer volume of attempts Cristiano Ronaldo can produce is incredible and an important skill in itself. He also has the upper hand in terms of long range shots as well as with his weak foot and head, so that’s enough to call this one a draw.

Who is the best on penalties?

When it comes to penalties, Ronaldo’s numbers are comfortably superior to Messi’s, although perhaps not as much as some think. The media perception is that Messi is unreliable from the penalty spot, while Ronaldo is the ultimate king of penalties. The truth is that he is somewhere in between.

Excluding penalty kicks, Ronaldo has scored an impressive 145 penalties (with 29 misses) during his entire career, while Messi has scored an impressive 104 penalties (with 30 misses).

This gives Ronaldo an overall penalty conversion rate of 83%, compared to Messi’s overall penalty conversion rate of 78%.

Ronaldo’s stats are clearly better, however he is not as reliable as he is sometimes made out to be, with other elite strikers like Lewandowski and Ibrahimović having significantly better conversion rates.

In terms of missed penalties, Messi missed one in the 2016 Copa América final shoot-out against Chile and the 2012 Champions League semi-final against Chelsea.

For Ronaldo, his biggest penalty misses came in the 2008 Champions League Final penalty shootout against Chelsea (his Man Utd team would ultimately win due to John Terry’s miss), and in the semi-final shootout. of the 2012 Champions League against Bayern Munich (which was fatal for Real Madrid).

Who scores more hat-tricks?

The rate at which Messi and Ronaldo score hat-tricks is hardly believable, with a staggering 116 between them; 56 hat-tricks in Messi’s career and 60 hat-tricks in Ronaldo’s career.

Ronaldo may still have the overall lead, but Messi has a slight advantage in terms of frequency. Messi scores a hat-trick every 17.8 games, while Ronaldo scores a hat-trick every 19.0 games.

These numbers are very close, and to add to this, his hat-trick tally in league matches is: 36 hat-tricks for Messi and 39 hat-tricks for Ronaldo. And in the Champions? 8 hat-tricks from Messi and 8 hat-tricks from Ronaldo.

Who has won the most individual awards?

No other footballer in history has maintained such high levels for such a long period of time. His domination of the coveted Ballon d’Or has been relentless, with Messi’s 7 Ballon d’Ors surpassing Ronaldo’s 5 Ballon d’Ors. No other player in history has won more than 3! If Messi or Ronaldo hadn’t had each other to compete for the award over the years, it’s not inconceivable that one of them could have picked up the award 10 times or more.

When it comes to the highest UEFA award, it is Ronaldo who has the advantage with 4 awards (1x UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, 2x Best UEFA Player in Europe, 1x UEFA Player of the Year) against the 3 Messi Awards (1x UEFA Club Footballer of the Year). the Year, 2x UEFA Best Player in Europe).

As for the golden boots, Messi has finished as the league’s top scorer on 8 occasions, winning the European Golden Boot on 6 of those occasions. Ronaldo has finished as top scorer in the league 5 times (once in the Premier League, once in Serie A and 3 times in La Liga), winning 4 European Golden Shoes in the process.

Ronaldo has won the Puskas award for the best goal in a calendar year (2 nominations), while Messi has so far not won this award despite being nominated 7 times.

However, Messi won the Ballon d’Or, awarded to the player of the tournament at the World Cup, after leading his Argentine team to the final in 2014, narrowly losing to Germany in the final. He has also been named Copa América Best Player twice and Best Young Player once.

Who has won more trophies? Messi vs Ronaldo trophies

In terms of trophies, Messi has the overall lead, with 41 trophies to Ronaldo’s 34 trophies (including Messi’s 2008 Olympic triumph and the 2005 U-20 World Cup).

Messi has 11 league titles to Ronaldo’s 7, but Ronaldo has the ascendancy in terms of Champions League wins with 5 to Messi’s 4. There is not much, but the general figures mean that Messi currently surpasses this one.

Who has more records?

In short, Messi and Ronaldo have a similar number of registrations to their names. Most surprising is perhaps Messi’s Guinness World Record for scoring 91 goals in a calendar year in 2012. To put this in context, Messi’s next best is 60 and Ronaldo’s best is 69. To score 91 goals in one year is from another world.

However, Ronaldo dominates the Champions League record books, with most goals, most assists, most free kick goals, most hat-tricks (shared with Messi) and most goals in a single season.

Messi holds many European records at domestic level, with the most league goals scored in a single season (50 goals) and the most consecutive league games scored in world football (21 games, 33 goals).

Internationally, Ronaldo is the top scorer of all time with an incredible 117 goals, while Messi is the highest scoring South American of all time with 90 goals.

Who is better internationally?

Both players can boast of having enjoyed fantastic careers at international level: their numbers are not as extraordinary as the ones they produce for their clubs, but they are still extremely impressive.

Ronaldo scores a goal every 130 minutes for Portugal and Messi scores a goal every 150 minutes for Argentina. When assists are taken into account, Ronaldo contributes a goal every 101 minutes, while Messi contributes a goal every 97 minutes.

Ronaldo is Portugal’s all-time leading goal scorer with 117 goals (in 191 appearances), and Messi is Argentina’s all-time leading goal scorer with 90 goals (in 164 appearances).

In terms of individual accolades for the national team, Ronaldo won the Euro 2021 Golden Boot for top scorer, as well as the Euro 2016 Silver Boot for scoring the second most goals in the tournament. Messi has won the World Cup Golden Ball (2014) and the Copa América Golden Ball twice (2015 and 2021), awarded to the best player in those respective tournaments. He also won the Golden Boot award at the 2021 Copa América.

Messi has experienced further heartbreak at international level, losing in 4 major finals, but was finally able to triumph with his country at the senior senior level in the Copa América 2021. This is on top of his Olympic gold medal (with an Argentina U23 side) , the FIFA U-20 World Cup trophy and, more recently, the Finalissima  trophy (UEFA/CONMEBOL Champions Cup).

Ronaldo has reached 2 major international finals with Portugal, winning one of them at the 2016 European Championship and losing the other at Euro 2004! He also won the UEFA Nations League with Portugal and has the most goals in the UEFA Nations League! international football history!

Messi has the most individual awards, but Ronaldo has a significantly better goal scoring record, so we call it a draw.



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