MPA Sania Ashiq’s Wedding Photos Going Online

The youngest Pakistani MP and MPA Sania Ashiq married Abu Bakar last night. The ceremony took place in Lahore and it was a great event. Also, Sania Ashiq’s wedding photos are going viral on the internet in which the famous political leader Maryam Nawaz is also seen.

MPA Sania Ashiq’s Wedding Photos

Sana Ashiq is the youngest MP to be sworn in as an MPA in Pakistan’s 2018 elections. Sania is 25 years old and her political career is short but memorable. She is from Lahore and campaigned for her to enter the Punjab Assembly of the Pakistan Muslim League, the stronghold of Nawaz.

Photos from Sania Ashiq’s wedding day are doing the rounds on social media. On her wedding day, she looked stunning in a pretty red embellished bridal lehenga. She combed her hair naturally. While her husband, Abu Bakar, wore a sherwani for the big day.

These photos from Sania Ashiq’s wedding are simply adorable:

Sania Ashiq’s wedding photos are melting the hearts of many on social media. It was a total of three ceremonies including mehndi, mayun and finally the Nikaah ceremony. Here are some of MPA Sania Ashiq’s wedding photos that have been making the rounds on social media.

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Sania Ashiq Photos:

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