Mumbai Saga Movie Review: The First Mass Movie Is On Theater Now

Mumbai saga Bollywood Action Movie got Good Response from critics and public after releasing in theaters. Mumbai Saga Full Movie Compete review, Star Performance, dialogs and Music.

The Good: It’s one of the rare massive and really enjoyable Bollywood movies of recent times.

The bad: an uninteresting second half, forced songs, and glorification of violence.

Loo Break: Yes, they give you the opportunity twice. At first in the interval and when Yo Yo Honey Singh’s song, Shor Machega, appears on the big screen out of nowhere.

To look or not? Watch him to see a gigantic John Abraham hitting his rivals. Don’t notice his exaggerated performance in various places, especially when he yells, “Aaj se hafta band.”

Mumbai Saga Movie :

The underworld of Mumbai has been a fascinating and intriguing chapter in the history of the Maximum City. Sanjay Gupta has already made two films in this space: SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA [2007] as producer and writer and SHOOTOUT EN WADALA [2013] as director, producer and writer. And now he is back with MUMBAI SAGA. Introduces Emraan Hashmi and John Abraham together for the first time. Both have a strong presence among the masses and therefore this film has aroused enthusiasm from viewers and even exhibitors. So does MUMBAI SAGA give the audience an entertaining moment? Or does it fail? Let’s analyze.

Mumbai Saga Movie Reviews

MUMBAI SAGA is the story of a gangster and his rivalry with a policeman. In the mid-1980s, Amartya Rao (John Abraham) lives with his family, consisting of his father (Rajendra Gupta), his brother Arjun (Harsh Sharma) and his wife Seema (Kajal Aggarwal) in Mumbai.

His family sells vegetables in the streets and they are torn apart because they have to pay ‘hafta‘ (bribe) to the thugs of Gaitonde (Amole Gupte). One day, Arjun argues with one of the thugs who then throws Arjun off a bridge. Amartya saves him just in time before Arjun is crushed under the train.

Amartya had so far decided not to get involved with gangsters. However, he loves Arjun to death and the attack on him enrages him. He only attacks Gaitonde’s men and even cuts off the hand of one of the thugs. Gaitonde, who operates out of jail, tells the police to arrest Amartya.

Also, he puts Amartya in the same jail as him. Gaitonde’s henchmen attack Amartya in prison. Once again, Amartya defeats them singlehandedly. Gaitonde now realizes that Amartya is too dangerous. The next day, Amartya is released on bail. This is made possible by Bhau (Mahesh Manjrekar), the unofficial king of Mumbai.

Bhau offers Amartya to work for him and find a solution to Gaitonde and the threat from him. In no time, Amartya learns the tricks of the trade. He also usurps the territory of Gaitonde, between Dadar and Byculla.

Gaitonde has no choice but to accept defeat. Then the story goes forward 12 years. Arjun (Prateik Babbar) has grown up and Amartya sends him to the UK to protect him. Meanwhile, Sunil Khaitan (Samir Soni) is an industrialist who owns a mill built by his ancestors.

He wants to fire all the mill workers, demolish the mill, and sell the land for an astronomical price. He takes Gaitonde’s help to evict the mill owners. Bhau tells Amartya to stop the materialization of the Khaitaan Mill so that he can get the votes of the mill workers.

Amartya meets Sunil and warns him of the dire consequences. Sunil complains to Gaitonde about Amartya’s tendency. In retaliation, Gaitonde attempts to kill Arjun when the latter is in Mumbai on a short visit. Arjun escapes unscathed. An angry Amartya then finishes off Sunil Khaitan in broad daylight.

His widow Sonali (Anjana Sukhani) goes to the police station and announces that she will reward Rs. 10 crore the cop who kills Amartya. Vijay Savarkar (Emraan Hashmi) takes an interest in this offer and decides that she will kill Amartya, no matter what. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.


The story of Sanjay Gupta is interesting and full of emotions and even twists and turns. The movie is inspired by real events. In addition, it is based on those people that perhaps many do not know. Robin Bhatt and Sanjay Gupta’s script is effective. The writers go out of their way to make sure the focus remains on the main plot and that viewers don’t get bored for a second.

Therefore, the film is moving at a supersonic speed. Some moments are exceptional in the film and they are very well thought out. The dialogue by Sanjay Gupta (additional dialogue by Vaibhav Vishal) enhances the mass appeal of the film. A few clever phrases are sure to provoke applause in theaters.

Sanjay Gupta’s address is appropriate. He treats the story in a very dramatic and entertaining way and goes out of his way to cater to the lowest denominator. As a result, he peppers the narrative with massive moments in abundance.

The characters of Amartya and Savarkar especially are strong and well developed. On the other hand, some characters don’t get their deserved screen time. Sanjay Gupta should have done the second half as well, particularly the sharper climax. Duration in the second half is also a problem.

MUMBAI SAGA begins on a vibrant note describing the nexus between politicians and gangsters in Mumbai a few decades ago. The movie wastes no time as it soon gets to the point why Amartya became a don.

The scene where Amartya attacks Gaitonde’s men on the railway bridge starts out unexpectedly and is sure to be loved by the masses. The second action scene, in the prison, takes the fun forward. Amartya’s rise seems too fast, but thankfully, there is a lot going on in the movie to keep it interesting.

The murder of Sunil Khaitan is a high point. Intermission comes at a magnificent time. After the interval, the cat and mouse chase between Amartya and Savarkar keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, as does the sudden turn in the story in the pre-climax. The climax is worth watching, although it could have been better.

John Abraham is in great shape. He looks like a feared gangster in every inch and is fantastic in action scenes. In various places, he briefly shows his dimpled smile and it adds to the charisma of his character.

Emraan Hashmi has a late entry and that could make fans of him unhappy. But the moment he enters the narrative, he rocks. Not only with action, he also steals the show with his witty lines. His dialogue about the police uniform will create a frenzy in theaters. Mahesh Manjrekar is too good a shrewd politician. Amole Gupte is magnificent.

Prateik Babbar looks a bit out of place but manages to make a mark. Kajal Aggarwal and Anjana Sukhani have a limited range. The same goes for Tithi Raaj (Neelam; Arjun’s wife).

Gulshan Grover (Nari Khan) looks classy and he’s decent. Rohit Bose Roy (Baba) is fine as Amartya’s right-hand man. But his motive in the second half seems unconvincing. Samir Soni, Shaad Randhawa (Jagannath), Vivaan Parashar (Sadashiv) and Harsh Sharma are doing well. Suniel Shetty (Sada Anna) is fine in a special look. He looks pretty classy.

Music has a limited scope in a movie like this. Fortunately, there are only 2 songs in the movie. ‘Danka Baja’ is foot tapping. ‘Shor Machega‘ is well shot but seems out of place in a period movie. Amar Mohile’s background music is dramatic and exciting.

Shikhar Bhatnagar’s cinematography has no complaints. Priya Suhas and Sunil Nigvekar’s production design and Nahid Shah’s costume are authentic. The action of Anbariv is one of the highlights of the film. Nube Cirrus’s visuals are good in places. Bunty Nagi’s editing could have been sharper in the second half.

Overall, MUMBAI SAGA is a movie that deserves to be experienced on the big screen. It’s adorned with massive moments, applause-worthy dialogue, sudden twists, and loads of flair. At the box office, you will find sponsorship in theaters and return smiles to the faces of distributors and exhibitors.

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