NA-108 Faisalabad By Election Live Results and Updates

Imran khan Vs PDM Candidate Abid Sher Ali (PMLN) Today NA-108 By Election 2022 Final results and Updates. Who will win NA-108 Faisalabad By Election? NA-108 Faisalabad By Election results and Live updates and news.

In NA-108 Faisalabad by-election, Imran Khan is facing PMLN candidate Abid Sher Ali NA-108 Faisalabad Election Final Result and Updates Now let’s see how the competition is between them and all these reports according to the survey and voter reports we will tell you that this candidate is winning.

Which candidate will win NA-108 Faisalabad?

As you know, the candidate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in the By-election in Faisalabad is Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, while he is competing with the candidate of PDM, due to which Imran is currently in this constituency. Khan is very popular, by the way, the candidates against him are also strong because he is not one but the unanimous candidate of all the parties, therefore the competition here is expected to be very tough.

Why will Imran Khan win?

Because as soon as this proposed government came in, the people were hit by the mountains of inflation, electricity, gas and other expenses or all became expensive because of this, what they have at that time is very difficult. had achieved success and it is expected that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf will win with a huge majority in today’s elections as well.
Imran Khan continued his campaign to return to the people and held large rallies and processions and that is why his statement is popular among the people and the people stand by this statement.

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NA-108 Faisalabad Final Result.

According to the reports so far, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf candidate Imran Khan is winning from here with a huge majority and it can be said that Imran Khan will win from here and from other constituencies as well.

Government Employees Vote Results:

NA 108. فیصل آباد
عابد شیر علی۔ 1847
عمران خان ۔۔ 5178

NA 108 Final Results:

NA 108 Faisalabad 8 Final Results 2018
Candidates Votes Party
Farrukh Habib(Winner)
112740 PTI
Chaudhary Abid Sher Ali
111529 PML-N
Shahbaz Ali Gulzar
8075 TLP
Malik Asghar Ali Qaiser
4987 PPPP
Rana Abbu Khabib Rehman Khan
2638 AAT
Muhammad Zakaria Syed
1827 MMA
Rizwan Mehmood
387 AJP
Azhar Abbas
245 PSP
Muhammad Aslam
244 IND

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