Neeraj Pandey opens up on recreating portions of recent Indian history in Kay Kay Menon led ‘Special Ops 1.5’

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Aftab Shivdasani, Vinay Pathak, Gautami Kapoor, Aadil Khan and ensemble.

Creator: Neeraj Pandey

Director: Neeraj Pandey & Shivam Nair

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar

Language: Hindi

Runtime: Each Episode Around 45 Minutes.

Special Ops 1.5 Review: What’s It About

Last year we met Himmat Singh. An R&AW officer who doesn’t follow a rulebook or a protocol but only knows how to get his work done, to keep the country safe. On the rim of retirement, he solves a case that didn’t let him sleep for almost two decades. Now as we move forward, actually backward because 1.5 takes us back to the time when Himmat Singh wasn’t the Himmat Singh we know today and what made him the most deadly R&AW agent. Himmat has hidden a secret from us all this while. Read on I will tell you!

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Created and directed by Neeraj Pandey, Special Ops 1.5 led by Kay Kay Menon showcases the backstory of his character Himmat Singh. The show is set in the Special Ops universe and creator Neeraj Pandey speaks about not releasing a season 2 and rather delving into the 3 years of Himmat’s life through the lens of police officer Abbas played by Vinay Pathak. In a chat with Indian Express Neeraj said, “Abbas is the only one who knows the stuff that even Himmat’s wife doesn’t know. That’s how the story pans out, it is an exciting arc for us as we get to tap into situations that the audiences are not aware of in season one.”

Neeraj Pandey spoke about recreating portions of modern Indian history in Special Ops 1.5. Neeraj said, “If there was no challenge, there is no fun. Part of our job is that we address something that has not been done before. A 1.5 is never been done before. That was the challenge and that was the fun. The conventional route is to go to season two and then make another season of things you have already done and take the story forward. We have tried to bypass that and make it a little more complicated, which was a creative challenge for us.”

Neeraj further mentioned that doing a ‘1.5’ instead of season 2 was an interesting format that had its own set of challenges. Reportedly Neeraj Pandey’s next venture will be ‘Chanakya’ which stars Ajay Devgn in the titular role.

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