PP-224 Lodhran By-Elections 2022 Results and live Updates

get PP-224 by-Elections 2022 Final Results by ECP. Lodhran by-poll results and live updates. The PML-N has allotted the ticket to Zawar Hussain Warraich, while the PTI has fielded Amir Iqbal Shah.

PP-224 Lodhran By-Elections 2022 Results

In Pakistan’s most politically important province, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) hopes to maintain its narrow control, while the Equity and Reconciliation Movement aims to wrest the province from the ruling party.

Overview of the constituency

– Total Voters: 232,175
Voters: 123,950 voters
Women voters: 108,225

Who can tip the scales in their favour?

The PP-224 falls under the NA-160, with Abdul Rahman Khan Kangoo of the PML-N being the MNA.

2018 Winner: Zoar Hussain Warish was awarded this regional constituency in 2018 as a candidate from the PTI party.

This year, the Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified Arich for a vote against his party in the Punjab premiership election.

Competing Candidates

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has allocated the ticket for visitors to Hussain and Warish, while the Pakistan News Agency (PTI) has sent it to Amir Iqbal Shah.

Who can win?

Elections are simple, with both candidates having an equal chance of winning.

Some of the factors favoring Warraich of the PML-N party are: One, a member of the PML-N MNA, Abdurrahman Kanjo, is publicly campaigning for him. Kango is a heavyweight in the constituency and has been instrumental in the past in helping defeat PML-N opponents from here.

As for PTI member Amir Iqbal Shah, it is interesting that he was the PML-N ticket holder in the 2018 elections. Shah lost to Warish at that time by more than 12,000 votes.

PP-224 Results by ECP in 2018:

PP 224 Lodhran 1
Candidates Votes Party
Zawar Hussain Warraich(Winner)
60482 PTI
Muhammad Amir Iqbal Shah
48211 PML-N
Muhammad Ibrahim
4609 PPPP
Muhammad Abdullah Jan
4272 TLP
Muhammad Abullah Jan
4272 IND
Hafiz Abdul Shakoor
663 MMA
Muhammad Rehmatullah Tahir Jan
248 IND

One card up his sleeve is his father Iqbal Shah, who in February 2018 defeated Jahangir Khan Tarin’s son, Ali Tarin, in NA-154 by a whopping 21,000 votes. Iqbal Shah was the PML-N candidate at the time.

Not only that, the Shah family has a good reputation in the constituency, they also have the support of PTI’s MNA from Loudran, Shafik Aren. Moreover, the constituency merges into the constituency of Shah Mahmood Qureshi of PTI.

Electoral activity:

Very low campaign. Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan will visit the constituency on July 14 for a major political gathering.

Circuit problems

Lack of clean drinking water and sanitation.

PP-224 Final Results and Poll Updates By-Elections 2022

Candidates Votes Party
Zawar Hussain Warraich
Muhammad Amir Iqbal Shah
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Abdullah Jan
Muhammad Abullah Jan
Hafiz Abdul Shakoor
Muhammad Rehmatullah Tahir Jan

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